Ant Spirits

'''Ant Spirits''' are one of the most common Insect Spirits in the awakened world. 

Ant Spirits are an extremely social form of Insect Spirit who create elaborate tunnel systems below the earth. Their hives are exceptionally tidy and well kept and they also have a very strict caste system. Ant Spirits caste system revolves around a Queen, a Great Spirit summoned by the Insect Shaman to start the hive. Below that are True Form spirits that make up the ranks of the hive's protectors and warriors. The rank and file is comprised mainly of flesh form spirits who act as workers and do the majority of menial labor and tunneling around the hive. 

Ant Spirits are extremely territorial and have been known to battle other insect spirits who come to close to their hive. Ants always work together in groups whether that means a group of two to four scavenging for supplies to the hive pouring out en masse to face its adversaries.


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