Angela Colloton

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|+'''Angela Colloton'''
! align="left" ! align="left" 2069 - Present (2078)
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'''Angela Colloton''' is the 11th President of the UCAS, elected on November 6, 2068 and inaugurated on January 21, 2069. She was previously a Major General in the UCAS UCAS Army. She is the first woman to be ''elected'' President of the Union, although the first woman to hold the office was Betty-Jo Pritchard after the cancellation of the UCAS Presidential Election 2056.

She first rose to prominence when, as a Brigadier General, President Kyle Haeffner made her the Commanding General of Joint Task Force-Seattle. Before commanding JTF-Seattle, she was an Assistant Division Commander of the First Infantry Division. JTF-Seattle was set up to investigate, secure and free the SCIRE--the Renraku Arcology in Seattle. She stayed in command for the entire duration of the operation, from January 2060 to 2063, when control over most of the SCIRE was transferred to the Seattle. While commanding JTF-Seattle Colloton was promoted to the rank of Major General.

In late 2063, she was awarded by President Haeffner a special decoration for the conduct of the arcology operations. It is a small silver medal shaped like a pyramid, worn around the neck. This decoration created specially for the circumstance is one of the rare UCAS awards to be worn around the neck, along with the Canadian Cross of Valour, the Medal of Honor (for which Colloton wasn't eligible, having not been involved directly in combat) and the Legion of Merit Commander.

On November 3, 2064, she led the operations to counter a ''coup d'├ętat'' against the UCAS federal government. After the disappearance of President of the UCASKyle Haeffner,whom she assassinated, in the confusion Vice President of the UCAS, as the next in line of succession Acting President Gene Simmons (who later became President of the UCAS) directed Colloton to lead the military counteroffensive, specifically within Washington, DC.

Her victory in 2068 was due in part to her position counter to that of the incumbent President, who was seen as a pawn of megacorporate interests. Given her involvement in internal politics within the Seattle Republican Party, she likely ran as the Republican candidate.

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