The '''Ancients''' are one of the largest gangs in North America. Originally an elf go-gang based in Seattle and formed from political outcasts of Tir Tairngire, the Ancients have members in Boston, New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, and Miami. They also have ties overseas to England, France, Germany, and Spain. Ironically, the Ancients also have a group operating out of Tir Tairngire. They specialize in pro-elven/pro-metahuman political activities and control smuggling operations between Salem, Portland and Seattle.

The current leader is an elf called Belial, who challenged Sting to a "Scavenger Hunt". The lieutenant for the Seattle operations was Green Lucifer, who is now working for the Ancients all over the West Coast.

==Gang Life==
The Ancients have rigid initiatory rituals that mimic the Tir Rite of Progression. New recruits participate in events such as "Razor Biking" and "Head Hurling". The recruits that survive the initiatory rites become members.

The Ancients wear black and green leather jackets with dangling chains and fingerless, studded gloves. Most also wear clothing and weapons appropriate for bike combat. Some Ancients sport green and black mohawks. The gang symbol is a modified version of the anarchy symbol (a stylized capital A with a circle around it), with the specific modification unique to each gang.

The Ancients, due to their connections, often get their hands on SOTA gear and military equipment.

The Ancients have had multiple turf wars with the Emerald Dogs (who are backed by the Yakuza) and the Meat Junkies. They also frequently butt heads with the Humanis Policlub. Feuds exist between the Ancients and the Cutters - the second large gang of Seattle - and they have an all-out war with the Spikes, an all Troll-gang of fanatical Elf-haters. The Halloweeners bear a grudge against the Ancients for being nearly exterminated in a gang war in 2069. The Ancients are in competition with the Laésa elven syndicate and many disaffected young Ancients have been leaving the gang for the syndicate.

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