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=above 200 million
='''Speaker''' Hualpa
=no economic data available =no economic data available =no economic data available}} ''Amazonia'' is one of the most important Awakened Nations, and one of the few countries to have a dragon as head of state. Located in the northeast of South America, Amazonia territory spread over the Orinoco and Amazonian basin and the Brazilian plateau. It enclaves Venezuela, and also has land borders with French Guiana, Aztlan, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. ==History== In 2034 awakened forces led by three great dragons capture of the city of Brasilia and the Brazilian government is forced to surrender. In the aftermath of the revolution the great dragon Hualpa declares the creation of the new nation of Amazonia. In 2049 Amazonia annexes Venezuela and half of Colombia. The following year Aztlan forces seize a portion of Venezuela from Amazonia. Tensions have been high between Aztlan and Amazonia for some time. Extensive PR campaigns have been launched attacking each other. Which brings us to 2073 and the war between Aztechnology/Aztlan and Amazonia over Bogota. Amazonia is basically on a crusade to preserve the ecology of the rainforest. Pushing forward with the ideal that "The Amazon is a living thing, it deserves to not be raped". While this may seem like a well intentioned ideal, many (I should say too many) of the Amazonian soldiers are overzealous in their beliefs. The unlucky citizens of Bogota that are unwilling to let the homes return to rainforest often face torture at the hands of zealous Amazonian fighters. ==Politics== '''Flag'''
The Amazonian flag looks like being just a part of a simple coloured map of the Amazon rainforest. ---- The Amazonian political arena is dominated by Feathered Serpents, led by the Great Dragon Hualpa. Awakened sentient creatures and shamans play a great role in the Amazonian society. ==Geography== Amazonia is covered for the most part by the Amazonian jungle and the Brazilian Plateau. In the past thirty years, the Amazonian jungle has known a strong regrowth. The largest urban area, called the Metropole or "Rio Paulo" unites the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. ==Economy== Amazonia has not signed the Business Recognition Accords. Aztechnology is banned from conducting business in the country, which led to the closure of Aztechnology factories, owned by Dassault, a subsidiary of Aztechnology. '''Corporate Presence'''
Unknown == References == Relations with Germany Germany Sourcebook, pg 42.
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In spite of mentioning that Columbia is taken over by Amazonia and Aztlan (azt.41), FASA also mentions Colombia as still being a functioning country (tsh.21), as well as a city-state around Bogota (und.80). Muddying the waters, French Guiana is listed as a separate country (yotc.15). The great feathered serpent Hualpa is Amazonia's spokesbeing (sr3.269).
Does not recgonize Business Recognition Accords, the Corporate Court's standard for the meaning of corporate extraterritoriality (cd.10).
Rumored to be backing eco-cells against Saeder-Krupp in Africa and Europe (cd.90).
The Amazonian government maintains the Alcantara launch site (yotc.18).
Amazonia will be the host of the 2064 World Cup. (sota2064) == External links == None. ''This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun'' CategoryCountries CategoryCountries of South America deAmazonien frAmazonie