Aljernon Half-Dream

'''Aljernon Half-Dream''' is an Immortal Elf active in the 2050s.

If asked about his past, he alludes to having lived in many places and learned many languages over the millennia; his comments regarding the Cycle of Magic and the Shadowrun setting's relatively close proximity to the Awakening suggest that he has been alive since at least the Fourth World, if not longer, if he has that much firsthand knowledge of its process. If asked about his use of magic, he says that he uses "the true kind," and that we should not be too quick to try to categorize different types of magic, as they all draw on fundamentally the same principles of enacting a physical change through the user's willpower.

He often seems distracted, as though his consciousness is in various places simultaneously, either in the physical world or the astral one. This would explain his frequent appearances. He wears a green cloak with an orange dress shirt and matching tie. Aljernon's eyes glow orange, though he says he has never given it much thought.


*He is likely named after Aljernon Bolden, a programmer at Harebrained Schemes

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