'''Aleks''' or Aleksander Krzyżanowski (2045-present). White Polish male in his 30s, soldier, resistance fighter, temporarily lying low in Seattle.

Grand-grandson of http// WWII military commander of the same name. Born in Kraków, Poland, he joined Armia Krajowa (Domestic Army) at the age of 17 soon after the Martyr’s Uprising. As AK beared blunt of casualties during the Uprising, it was a 'learn or die'. Aided by the safe haven in Saeder-Krupp-supported Małopolska Free Trade Zone, which was neutral towards both sides of the conflict, Alex cell survived, and he started to specialize in urban infiltration and sniping. During that time together with his fellow resistance fighters from AK as well as mercenary runners he engaged in various operations against Russians and their allies, like the Yamatetsu corporation and Red Vory mafia, and National Republic of Poland and its allies, like Perun Security and BioMed.

During one of the runs Aleks and his team raided a BioMed laboratory, which was performing some top-secret research into Mazury-Białowieski Containment Area and Białowieski Forest Awakened creatures. They secured hardware storage units containing target data, but were ambushed during the return by forces from Yamatetsu and Perun Security, most of the team got wiped out, except for Aleks and team's decker, Michał. Michał tried to convince Aleks that they should capitalize on this event, forget AK, sell their loot to the highest bidder and get out to some warmer place. Aleks objected; Michał tried to knock Aleks out and as Aleks was already hurt from the previous combat, even a decker had a good chance to take out the unsuspecting sniper. A fight ensued; Aleks copied most of the data to his system and destroyed the originals to prevent Michał from taking them but had to run away after his gear was hacked. In the two weeks of 'hide and seek' that followed, Alex was able to read (and copy) part of the information, which contained some fascinating data about magic and history, up to some information about the Fourth World and Horrors. Eventually he managed to turn the data to his superiors in AK (without admiting he read any of that), but vegenful Michał leaked to Yamatetsu Aleks' indentity, insinuated it was Aleks who was behind the raid. This made it too dangerous for Aleks to remain in Poland, where most of his contacts and safahouses were now compromised. AK command decided to shift Aleks to a support operation abroad and managed to ship him away to former United States, but was unable to provide him with much funds when he got there.

*"Paranoia is just another word for longevity." When you live in the shadows, you can be certain there is somebody you don't like. When you spend most of your life in a warzone, join a resistance organization and get noticed by a AAA corp that now considers you an enemy, you can be certain there are quite a few somebodies who would go to some lenght to see you dead. Aleks is expecting that sooner or later, somebody will come for him. He is taking quite a few precautions, primarily
**changing rooms/blocks every month or two
**rig a few sensors in 1) his appartment 2) his building 3) covering approaches to his building and 4) sniping positions to his place (assuming he cannot pick one that is rather unsnippabble). They are hidden to prevent detection/vandalism. He expects them to be hacked if something starts going on, thus he is using the 'double' system they come in pairs, one fully matrix enabled, the second one cannot be 'connected to', but only 'dials in' to Matrix every hour or so (from a random address) and checks a dedicated email account. It is assumed that if anybody finds the sensors, they will try to loop them, and they will not realize they are looping only one of a pair ) A simple matrix independent software in the sensor pair checks if the data from both sensors is the same, or not - in the second case the second sensor will dial in immediatly to send a 'loop' warning and increase the frequency of checking the email. Altough I am unsure about the specifics, the 'tricky' part of the sensor is based as much as possible on hardware, not matrix (as Alex has little matrix skills, but good hardware ones), so that only careful analysis of the hardware should uncover the 'double' nature. The idea is that if anybody finds the sensor, they will be happy to hack it, loop it and they will not look to deeply at the hardware (btw, when Aleks is dealing with sensors he makes sure to check for such a trick ;p). An email to the above address can switch the second sensor into 'full matrix' mode giving Aleks access to the true data. Thus looping (or damaging) the sensors will alert Alex (unless his com is already hacked, and whoever would be hacking his com would have to block all communications to prevent the (coded as innocent message) warning from coming through...). There are also two back-ups for that a small screen to 'in-room' sensor in his mailbox that he checks everytime, and there is always a 'traditional' sensor on the doors (a hair).
**there should be escape routs from his place - one of the selection criteria would be to have at least one other (window). But his favourite is to make a route - cheap explosives to blow up through the floor or sidewall are the best )
**making sure he has no patterns (no 'favourite' shops', etc.)
**checking for tails quite often, do a standard 'lose a tail' moves every now and then even when he is pretty certain he has no tail (go into large crowd, go out through back doors, etc.)
**booby traps there will be several types of booby traps set up in his place and on escape routes. 1) kill (sharpnel) 2) annoy (tear gas) 3) distract (smoke). To prevent some decker from hacking into the booby trap system and blowing him for fun, the entire booby trap system is offline (thus invisible to Matrix) until the system receives a very specific old fashion radio signal (codeword on a specific frequency, send by some equipment that Aleks carries with him; preferably it would not be a Matrix enabled part - I am thinking of a 'pilot' like thingy with several buttons; 1 to activate the system, the rest to use if he thinks his com is hacked and he cannot activate them via his com).
*"If you want something done well, do it yourself." Time permitting, Alex is planting such double sensors and booby traps on planned escape/inflitration routes of the objects he expects to be 'working in'. Of course, the primary goal is to be as inconspicuous as possible, but there are quite a few tricks one can do, especially if there are few days. First, scout for the sensors, second, plant the items outside sensor range (it would be bad if any pattern comes up when they are reviewing them). Trashcans are great places to set up bombs, but one needs to know how often and when are they changed. Glueuing stuff where people don't tend to look is good, too. Preferably those things should be cheap and/or recoverable.

* teammates Armitrage (hacker), Luke "the Jedi" (physical adept), Luke (mage), Maestro the professor (mage), Atlas (sam)
* Józef Rzeczyński (fixer) (C5 L5) - Officialy a Polish-American citizen running a legit import-export compnany in Seattle, in fact a high-ranking officer in Armia Krajowa, responsible for international relations of this resistance organization. His primary aim is to obtain funds, equipment and support for AK; his allies include enemies of Russia and of Yamatetsu, who more or less covertly want to see both of those organizations as weakened as possible. Of course, if by providing support they put themselves in position to manipulate AK and take over Poland... well, ''realpolitik'' is one of life's constants. Rzeczyński is aware of this, but he - as most of AK leadership - decided it's the lesser evil. His other tasks is to hurt R/Y as much as possible abroad, and take care of operatives who lost their effectivness in Poland (like Aleks). Such operatives are employed to conduct operations against R/Y, usually paid for by AK allies - this allows AK to get the proverbial 'two jobs with one stone'. Although Rzeczyński acts as a fixer, he does not act for personal profit; any 'cuts' go towards funding AK activities. As a part of paramilitary organizations dedicated to a higher cause, he is rather loyal to his subordinates - but if they need to be sacrificed for a higher cause, so it will be. For operations organized by him, he is likely to offer (or loan) free or discounted equipment and help, for others, he will likely charge street prices with profit going to the organization.
* Crazy Eddie (blogger) (C3 L2) - blogger specializing in uncovering Yamatetsu secrets, often willing to trade information about that corp. His information has proven useful few times back in the Old Country...
* John Maczynski (street doc) (C2 L3) - street doc in Seattle, one of Rzeczyński's contancts for his runners
* Ludwika 'Lucy' L. (adept) (C2 L3) - runner adept (human, female), one of Rzeczyński's runners and somewhat of an old friend from Poland. Had the bad luck to look pretty and appear on a Western media documentary about Poland; became somewhat of a celebrity - and a good target for Russian hitmen. Decided to change continets about two years before similar situation happened to Aleks; knows him from the days in Małopolska AK structure.
* Planetbirth (blogger) (C3 L2) - blogger and self-declared academic specializing in 'more-than-ancient' history, a person I have shared some tidbits of information I gained about the 'Fourth World' and who in turn shared some of his own.




Automatics 1
Climbing 1
Con 1
Demolitions 1 Booby traps
Disguise 2
Dodge 4 Ranged
El. Warfare 4 Sensors
Eituquette 1
Gymnastics 1
Hardware 4 Sensors
Hv. Weapons 1 Gr. launcher
Infiltration 4 Urban
Locksmith 1
Longarms 5 Sniper rifles
Negotiations 1
Perception 5 Visual
Running 1
Shadowing 3
Swimming 1
Tracking 1


Resist orgs 2 Europe
Yamat/EVO 1
Criminal orgs 2 Red Vory
History 3 4th World
Geography 2
Mil. service 1 Spec. ops.
Polish N
English 4
Russian 3
French 1


Blandness Criminal SINner Sensitive Neural Structure Weak Immunue System Sensitive System


Cybereye (right 4) – eye recording unit, flare comp., image link, low-light vision, prot cover

Skillwires (5)


Muscle toner (2)
Synaptic booster (2)
Reflex recorders (3) – dodge, infiltration, longarms


Glasses w/ ultrasound
Headph. w/ Ad.Enh.3, SSFilt.3, Spat Rec
Biomonitor, endoscope, laser mic 6
RFIDs Olfactory 6, Geiger
Radio Signal Scanner 6, 10 sensorballs
Stim patch (3) x 6 Trauma patch x 1
Lockpick set, autopicker (6), stealth tags
Maglock passkey and sequencer (6)
Cellurar glove (3), Tag eraser, cat stick
Miniwelder, chisel, mono chain, wire clipp
Glue sprayer, termite burning bar
Grapple gun, rappelling gloves
Stealth rope, microwire, myom rope
Micro-transceiver (6)
Jammers, area and directional (10)
White noise generator (6)
Chameleon suit B6 I4 -4 perc full (6) chem fire cold elec
Lined coat B6 I4 -2 conceal
Helmet B1I2
Gas mask (built into helmet)
Survival knife (-1 AP, 2 P DV)
Walther MA-2100 (SA) w/ silencer (-4 perc) and shckp
HK XM30 shotgun config w/ grenade launcher
Explosives 1kg of commercial w det cap
Ammo 4 APDS 2 GEL 10m/ 2 FL 8c
Grenades 8HP 8 GAS 4TS Mines 1HP 1GAS

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