Alan Srkcaacha

{{NPC}}'''Alan''' - or, if you would use the correct term - '''Sergeant Alan''', is an ork as well as an officer from Lone Star Security Services, Inc., who does his time as a so-called beat cop in Milwaukee, UCAS. It's really easy to buy his loyalty - also you can buy it only for a short period of time, because he is used to take bribes from almost every one. It's an open secret, that the main part of his income doesn't come from the cop corp or the city but from the Mafia family of the McCaskill family, which are led by Don Leonhard McCaskill"the Lion" McCaskill.

His Surname is Srkcaacha, a term most humans (or elves or dwarfs) can't speak out correctly - similar to the most of the orcish language or'zet. - So almost nobody would address him as "Officer Srkcaacha" or "'''Alan Srkcaacha'''".

As a Lone Star beat cop he wears light armour in the typical Lone Star design (dark blue with black, red and white trim). This will include a helmet and heavy boots. He's armed with a Ruger Thunderbolt (the heaviest revolver aviable in 2070 Counts as heavy pistol) and the usual taser baton. His helmet has an integrated  micro and earphones - wifi-linked to his comlink. He also has a separate headset for his comlink to use in case he will not wear the helmet.


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