Alan Adams

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|+'''Alan Adams'''
! align="left" /50th President
! align="left" 2049 - 2053
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! align="left" Thomas Steele
! align="left" ! align="left" ! align="left" 2053
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'''Alan Adams''' was the CEO of Colbert Group, a multinational headquartered in Illinois, before running as the UCAS Democrat candidate in the UCAS Presidential Election 2048, with a UCAS technocrat running mate, Thomas Steele. The Democrat-Technocrat alliance allowed the UCAS Democratic Party to seize the White House, as well as the UCAS Senate and UCAS House of Representative. Michigan in particular was a key state in those elections.

Adams and Thomas Steele were reelected in 2052. But Adams died of massive stroke on 21 January, the day after his second inauguration.

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! Alan Adams
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