'''Alamais''' is a male Great Western Dragon who is reported to be Lofwyr's brother. He has golden scales (similar to Lofwyr) that darken to red along his spine. He has a scar in the center of his chest. He has an interest in European policlubs, especially those of Germany. In the past, he has dealt with Der Nachtmachen and Alte WeltRagnarok.
He certainly is a tenacious and powerful dragon, as he was hit by an orbital laser (owned either by Russia, Ares, or Fuchi, by some accounts) and lived Night's Pawn.

Alamais was rumored to be dead for a few years afterward, including at the time Dunkelzahn died.

==Relationship with other Dragons==
Alamais's main goals center around a rivalry that he has with Lofwyr. While Lofwyr consolidates his power around corporations, Alamais uses policlubs and underground organizations as his pawns. It is rumored that Alamais was somehow involved in Lofwyr losing his Tir Tairngire Council seat.

Alamais and Dunkelzahn played a draconic game of "tag," testing each other's resources by delivering each other a fruitcake on Christmas. Alamais was therefore mentioned with this rather humorous bequest in Dunkelzahn's Will
"To Alamais, I leave the fruitcake we have exchanged every Christmas since 2020. Unlike you, I’m really dead."


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