Aithne Oakforest

Aithne Oakforest is an immortal elf, and one of the founders of Tir Tairngire and one of the original three (four including Ehran the Scribe) members of the Council of Princes. He is described as having shorter than average height, average weight, with blue eyes and black hair that is worn at a fashionable collar-length. He has a squared jaw and chiseled features. He is known for his fiery temper and sharp tongue.

Oakforest was born in The Fourth World, and moved to the Wyrm Wood before the Scourge. He served the Queen as a Blood Warder even though the Ritual of Thorns cost his wife and children their lives. This event may explain why he, in a fit of rage, destroyed a rose garden his wife, Mealla, planted on their estate.

Aithne Oakforest opposed Lofwyr's appointment to the Council of Princes, and in general is the least trusting of dragons among the council. He is believed to be the closest friend and advisor to Lugh Surehand.

His wife is Mealla Oakforest (also known as Maria Delmarco), married in 2029. He has three children, a son named Glasgian Oakforest, born in 2030, and two daughters Tealla Oakforest, born in 2033 and Elleara Oakforest, born in 2038. At the present time, Aithne and Mealla maintain separate residences.

He is reported to have spent considerable time in the Duchy of Pomorya, possible creating a power base.

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