'''Airbus Industries''' or Airbus is a consortium uniting Aesa and IFMU to build civilian airplanes. The Airbus company was headquartered in Toulouse, France, of which it is one of the main employer. Main assembly sites are in Toulouse and Hamburg in Germany.

Airbus' main competitor is Federated-Boeing, followed by Lockheed and Saeder-Krupp on certain segments.

==Some Products==
*A110 (30 seats, short to medium range commuter)
*AH-510 (multi-purpose helicopter for freight or up to 34 passengers)
*AL800 (long range airship for up to 700 passengers, depending on configuration)

==Fate after Crash 2.0==
In 2065 IFMU's major shareholders (S-K, FBV, Proteus) disbanded the corp and divided its assets among themselves. Today Airbus belongs to the Proteus AG, which renamed it in '''Airbus Aerials'''.

* "Schattenst├Ądte" - the Hamburg-part of the German version of "Runners Havens"

===Semi-official Sources===
* "France" - French language only sourcebook

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