The '''Aerospace Industry''' in the Sixth World covers both aviation technology and space development.  While there is some crossover between the two, each industry has its own leaders in the corporate world.

== Top Tier ==
*Ares - Ares Space, from the purchase of NASA assets and Ares' aggressive development, is one of the world leaders in space development and research.  Ares also owns the aircraft engine manufacturer, Pratt and Whitney
*Federated-Boeing - The Seattle-based Federated-Boeing produces several lines of commercial aircraft and suborbitals.  It also produces military planes under its subsidiary, McDonnell Douglas.
*Lockheed - Lockheed is actually a conglomerate of four companies, Lockheed, Martin-Marietta, Northrup, and Grumman.  Some call the company "LockMart-North".  Lockheed makes a variety of military airplanes, rotorcraft, and unmanned military drones.  It also is a component manufacturer of avionics and piloting displays, developing HUDs and advanced radar.
*Novatech - Novatech primarily makes avionics components and propulsion systems.  It owns Walker Aerodesign, which has a large market share of aviation electronics and navigation systems.  Naturally, Novatech's computer focus also extends to navigation, simulation, and aeronautical design software.
*Saeder-Krupp - S-K has its own strong space program, and several brand name airplane designs under Messerschmidt-Kawasaki.
*Sikorsky-Bell - This specialist partnership has practically cornered the market on rotorcraft.  Their main competitors are Hughes and the Italian-based Agusta-Cierva (owned by Renault-Fiat).

== Others ==
*Airbus - Primarily commercial aircraft.
*IWS - Primarily military planes and military systems.
*Trans-Orbital - Maintains orbital assets for other corporations and nations
*Renraku Asia

== References ==
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