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'''Foreign Corporate Terminology''', also known as '''AG Chemie''', '''ChemEurop''', or simply '''AGC''', is a consortium consisting of ''BASF'', ''Degussa'', ''Hoechst-Aventis'', ''Solvay'' and ''Stern Pharma'' based in Frankfurt, AGS.  This AA corporation is ranked at third-place in the global chemical industry (behind Zeta-ImpChem and Saeder-Krupp). Chemistry and genetics are the AGC’s main fields of interest but it has subsidiaries in other fields.

AGC is a major player in the city of Frankfurt. Nearly all real estate in the Frankfurt and the surrounding area belongs to either AGC or one of its subsidiaries. The Frankfurt area not controlled by the AG is controlled by the FBV.

The security of AGC is very capable. Physical, Astral, and Matrix security are all comparable to The Big 10.

== Subsidiaries ==
*'''BUT Heavy Industries'''
BuMoNA is a medical service similar to DocWagon. 
*'''Frankfurter Immobiliengesellschaft'''
*'''General Genetics Worldwide'''
GGW took over the genetics section of ChemEurop. GGW has a quite bad reputation as rumors about experiments on metahumans persist.
*'''Global Polymers'''
*'''Müller-Schlüter Infotech'''
Müller-Schlüter Infotech is computer soft- and hardware manufacturer.
*'''Zeiss-Audiotek Cybersysteme'''
Zeiss is a renowned cyberware manufacturer specialising in sense-ware.

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