* '''April''' The SourceStolen Souls post hits Jackpoint revealing more details CFD to the Shadows.Stolen Souls
* '''June 4''' An iridescent dragon escapes a research facility inside MIT&T, attacks the NeoNET Towers in Boston and is repelled by the Great dragon Dragons Celedyr. The iridescent dragon crashes into the Green Monster in Fenway and flies north to Salem spreading an iridescent rain cloud and disappears.Boston Lockdown
* '''June 5''' Boston is quarantined by a collaborative effort by the Mega Corps. Boston's Matrix is shut down cutting it off from the rest of the world's Matrix, while magical and technological defenses are implemented to prevent anyone from entering or leaving Boston. Officially the quarantine is erected to stop an outbreak of viral encephalitis. Unofficially, it the iridescent dragon infected a large number of people with a dangerous and experimental version of CFD.

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