* '''January 5''' The Tír Tairngire general elections are held. Mary-Louise Telestrian is elected High Prince.
* '''January 8''' The Great Dragons return from their assembly.
* '''January 9''' Hestaby is seen for the last time at Mount Shasta.
* The start of of Shadowrun Fifth Edition.
* '''March/April''' The events of SourceSplintered State unfold. FBI Agent, Seth Dietrich is infected with CFD after uncovering Kenneth Brackhaven's  illegal plan to kill the residents of the Ork Underground. Seth is assassinated by agents of Chimera at Fort Lewis Zoo.
* '''December 26''' Loremaster Celedyr declares this date as the deadline for all grievances the Great Dragons hold against metahumanity. After this date, he will consider all such grievances settled and any further large-scale violence is forbidden.

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