* '''January 1''' Pueblo Corporate Council conditional shares owned by former Ute Nation citizens mature and become residential shares. A large voting block immediately puts forward a motion to reinstate Aztechnology's business license in the PCC.
* '''February 5''' The 2072 Winter Olympics begin in Denver. Aztlan's athletes are barred from competing or even entering the city.
* '''March 15''' The Seattle government does not renew Lone Star Security Services's contract, citing its poor handling of the tempo crisis. The city negotiates a new contract with Knight Errant.
* '''May 9''' Ares Macrotechnology unveils new nanotechnology designed for space travel applications.
* '''May 10''' The United Nations Security Council overturns the Sapient Non-Metahuman Rights Accord, prompting vehement protests from Awakened nations.
* '''June 1''' The Pueblo Corporate Council board of directors defers the Aztechnology vote at the shareholders' meeting, drawing widespread protests and calls from Ute territory for a vote of no confidence.
* '''November 8''' Angela Colloton is reelected President of the UCAS. Ramsay McMalkin wins the CAS presidential election.
* '''November 10''' The Corporate Court publicly announces that construction is underway on a space elevator, scheduled for activation by 2074 with a space-side habitat ready for general occupation by 2076. The Court receives a petition to decommission the Mt. Kilimanjaro mass driver upon completion of the space elevator.
* '''November 13''' Aztlan declares war on Amazonia after capturing a black ops team inside one of their secret weapons development facilities.
* '''December 3''' FastJack contracts a team led by Riser to get him into the network of a NeoNET facility outside Albuquerque, Pueblo Corporate Council. While FastJack is investigating the facility's purpose, something infects both him and Riser; they begin to exhibit symptoms of dissociative identity disorder, which FastJack also notices in Plan 9. The infection identifies itself to FastJack as the "Self-Educating Autonomous Reasoning Combat Hacking" program.
* '''December 28''' Mercenaries bomb the Nicaragua Canal, closing it to shipping. Aztechnology claims that it will have the damaged repaired and the canal reopened in two weeks, but they fail to meet the deadline.