* UCAS Navy hosts joint war games with the CAS Navy.
* '''February''' Sun Temple Agriculture seeds all available acreage in Tenochtitlan with its "cotton candy grass," engineered to absorb airborne pollutants and trap it in the soil as sulfur and ammonia. For the first time in seventy years, pollution levels in Tenochtitlan drop and the city is covered in a field of reddish gold.
* '''March 30''' After a gunfight that leaves one officer and eight Ancients dead, Seattle police confiscate 45.8 tons of leäl from an Ancients safehouse in Tarislar.
* '''April 1''' Neo-Tokyo police seize fifty kilograms of tempo being smuggled into the metroplex.
* '''May 18''' Lone Star announces that they will recruit Seattle Metroplex Guard to bolster its Fast Response Division in light of increased gang violence in the Seattle Sprawl.
* '''May 28''' The seventh victim of Seattle's "Fahrenheit Killer" is found in as many weeks.
* '''June 8''' A battle between the First Nations and the Ragers on the Seattle docks kills six gang members and four civilians, including shadowrunner Maria "Fatima" Jones. The fight is believed to have been over control of tempo distribution.
* '''June 14''' The Kowloon Massacre. Rival gangs open fire on each other for control of the drug trade in Kowloon. Over five thousand people die in the violence.
* '''July 16''' Seattle Governor Kenneth Brackhaven announces a crackdown on tempo-related gang violence.
* '''August 7''' Employees of six pharmacies in the Northrhine-Ruhr Metroplex are accused of drug trafficking when authorities find twelve kilograms of raw tempo.
* '''September 4''' A tempo addict kills New York City artist William Ferguson for his stash of the drug and burns his apartment.
* '''September 11''' The LA Bloodbath. Fourteen members of the Olaya and Andes Cartels and a security spider are killed at the Baltimore Towers in Los Angeles. The PCC DEA discovers a full-scale tempo lab in the South Tower.
* '''ca. September 15''' Interpol issues an Orange Alert concerning tempo. Intelligence suggests that it is coming from a single source in South America.
* '''October 15''' The Sovereign Tribal Council announces that it will not ban tempo in its jurisdictions.
* '''November 10''' The bloodiest weekend in Caracas's history sees 324 people dead. Amazonia denies Aztlan's accusations that they are sheltering and supporting the creators of tempo.
* '''November 14''' Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone,000 doses of tempo controlled by the Black Chrysanthemum Triads.
* '''November 26''' Seattle doctors find preliminary links between tempo use and congenital birth defects.
* '''December 2''' Empress Hitomi gives birth to the Crown Prince of Japan, Asaka Nashihito. This day is marked as a national holiday.