* The world has recovered somewhat from the Crash 2.0 of 2064. The new Wireless Matrix has replaced the old cyberspace. New corporate superpowers have arisen while others vanished.
* Rowena O'Malley, ''donna'' of the Finnigan Family, kills Maurice Bigio"the Butcher" Bigio and becomes the first ''capa'' of the Seattle Mafia.{{src}} ?
* Seattle governor's election The three main candidates are Julius Strouthers, Josephine Dzhugashvili and Kenneth Brackhaven. Brackhaven wins after Dzhugashvili withdraws {{src}} ?{{src}} ?
* The Emergence Technomancers show up all around the world, and a new witch hunt is started by media, corporations and the bureaucrats.{{src}} ?
*  '''June 30''' The Hong Kong Incident. 342 patients and 58 medical staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone, including Dr. Ronald Halberstam, are killed during a violent escape. Mitsuhama Computer Technologies releases a public statement describing the escapees as violent and unpredictable "technomancers."{{src}} ?
* '''August 20''' Greek authorities confirm that several artifacts, including the Phaistos Disc, were recently stolen from a museum in Herakleion.{{src}} ?
** The governments of France and the AGS and the Administrative Council of the SOX announce the "Rad Wars".{{src}} ?SOX ?
* '''August 19''' Sojourner an AI makes headline news by hijacking the space station Tlaloc (beginning of the so-called ''Tlatoc Crisis'') {{src}} ?
* '''August 25''' Pulsar, an other AI supported by Horizon releases its "manifesto" and offers to negotiate with Sojourner.
* '''August 26''' Proteus AG concludes that an anomalous intrusion into the Okinawa arkoblock's Matrix on this day was caused by a Technomancer pod of dolphins attempting to rescue a trapped member from an underwater flue.
* The Laodicea Order - an religious order of technomancers - is founded by the German Catholic Church. Emergenz ? (German version only)
* '''December''' The AI Bai Li officially converts to Buddhism. {{src}} ?
* Famed anarchist terrorist Duruti Leon stages a massive campaign of terrorist attacks and assassinations against the citizens of Munich, targeting the rich, corrupted, and beautiful people and corporate execs of the city. After learning that he was being manipulated by NeoNET media subsidiary Neue Bavaria Simsense Studios, he starts a poison gas attack against NeoNET's tent at Oktoberfest and kills himself.M√ľnchen Noir ?

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