* '''January 1''' The first general elections are held in Tír Tairngire. Larry Zincan wins the election for High Prince.
* '''January 5''' The Native American Nations accept Tsimshian into the confederation. The Haida National Defense Force becomes its tribal police force and elections are held for the new tribal council.
* '''January 27''' Empress Hitomi Shiawase becomes Chairwoman of the board of Shiawase after internal corporate reorganization.
* The end of {{Src}} in {{Src}}.
* '''February 10''' Aaron Franklin is re-elected as President of the Confederation of American States.
* '''February 12-16''' Transys-Erika hosts the Second Universal Matrix Conference at their Silicon Glen corporate facilities in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. The main consideration is the Wireless Matrix Initiative, intended to replace the wired infrastructure damaged during Crash 2.0, and a series of standards for the new initiative.
* '''March 2''' The Corporate Court revokes Cross Applied Technologies's seat and AAA status. CAT is reclassified as A.
* '''June 22''' Novatech and Transys-Erika announce their merger. The new corporation is named NeoNET and retains its AAA status. Richard Villiers remains CEO. The great dragon Celedyr is announced as the head of R&D.
* '''August 21''' Horizon receives its AAA rating and a seat on the Corporate Court.
* '''October 12''' DeBeers Omnitech announces a merger with Universal Omnitech.
* '''December 1''' Global finance experts announce that the global economy is experiencing a major upswing and that consumer confidence is higher than pre-Crash 2.0 levels.
* After months of struggle, German corp IFMU ceases to exist as the major shareholders divide the company's assets among themselves.
* Corporate scouting parties start to disappear in the SOX.

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