* '''January 8''' The Sioux Nation Office of Military Intelligence intercepts a thaumaturgially-enhanced nuclear weapon outside of Butte. Research links it to Winternight.
* '''January 11''' Dr. Dieter von Kammelburg, former Director of Research at the Metagenics Research Consortium, is killed in a hit-and-run. Dr. von Kammelburg is believed to have been the Nazi, one of Alamos 20,000's Central Executive.
* '''February 5''' GreenWar operatives highjack a container of nuclear waste, killing all security officers on its train.
* '''March 14''' Admiral Ryochi Kuroda is appointed governor of the Philippines. He orders the execution of all Filipino dissidents.
* '''March 17''' Novatech announces that 20% of their stock will be sold in an IPO.
* '''April 1''' The East Coast Stock Exchange begins upgrading its infrastructure in anticipation of heavy traffic for the Novatech IPO.
* '''April 18''' Operation ''Jormungand'' Pax successfully tests the Jormungand worm and readies it for distribution.
* '''June''' Winternight's allies in Hindu Kali cults help Ex Pacis place otaku in Kolkata Integrated Talent & Technologies, where they scout potential sites for Jormungand code eggs. Puck informs Pax of Deus's plans for the Novatech IPO.
* '''June 5''' Aztlan signs a peace treaty with the Yucatan rebels, but a bomb kills Aztechnology CEO Juan Atzcapotzalco at the ceremony. Aztlan accuses Dzitbalchén of masterminding the attack and eventually captures, executes, and publicly dissects him.
* '''August''' Operation ''Firnbul'' Winternight violently seizes a number of mana nexi around the world to use for a ritual spell that accelerates the coming of an unseasonably harsh winter.
* '''August 4''' The Network kidnaps and subverts Max Burnwell, CEO of Matrix Systems of Boston.
* '''September 16''' Winternight burns out a decommissioned nuclear physics lab in Gansu to cover their theft of electronics and detonators for nuclear weapons.
* '''September 25''' An infiltration of the Escher-Burkli PLTG is caught. The invaders release Surtr, incinerating all participants. All information is classified and the Corporate Court Crisis Coordination Committee is called into session.
* '''September 27''' Zeta-ImpChem identifies the unknown weapon used in the EB PLTG incident as Surtr, which Winternight stole from them in December. Z-IC offers a countermeasure for Surtr to the Corporate Court in exchange for complete secrecy regarding their role in its creation.
* '''October 3''' Testing of Jormungand found in the EB PLTG activates it, killing all online analysts and irretrievably corrupting the test data.
* '''October 9''' Intelligence agencies and shadowrunner teams attack Winternight cells for the next sixteen days.
* '''October 24''' The Simsense recording of Bloodyguts's murder is uploaded to half a dozen pirate media hosts. Mitsuhama Computer Technologies announces their withdrawal from the Tsimshian Nation. Haida nationalists prepare to take the country.
* '''October 30''' Toronto police discover the body of Dark Father.
* '''October 31''' The Network finishes compiling Deus's code and uploads him into the Matrix. The surviving 1,342 Network nodes fall into a coma.
* Pax gives Puck a Jormungand code egg with instructions to upload it to the East Coast Stock Exchange without Deus's knowledge.
* '''November 1''' The Corporate Court systematically dismantles as much of Winternight's infrastructure as they can. The cult is believed destroyed and the CC forces stand down.
** '''900 PM''' Thursday detonates the nuclear weapon at ''Valhalla''. The extraction team and their charges are beyond the blast radius. Wednesday commits magical suicide and Friday is placed under ultra-heavy security.
* '''November 2''' Matrix Crash 2.0.
** '''830 AM''' Trading begins at the East Coast Stock Exchange. Novatech's IPO is the primary focus of attention.
** '''916 AM''' Deus takes over the ECSE. He proceeds to force open SANs to other supercomputing hosts to contribute to his upgrade.
** '''924 AM''' Otaku spies in the ESCE create a Resonance Well inside the Host, allowing Megaera and Mirage (AI)Deus.
** '''931 AM''' Jormungand activates. Friday confesses Winternight's plan to her captors. Puck places his Jormungand egg into the ESCE Host.
** '''942 AM''' Zurich-Orbital cuts all telecommunications except for direct uplinks. Z-O sysops Clotho and Atropos upload all Z-O data on Winternight's weapons to the Denver Nexus.
** '''944 AM''' Operation ''Mjolnir'' Six of Winternight's fifteen EMP bombs and three of their five conventional nuclear weapons detonate; corporate, national, and independent agents manage to stop the rest of the weapons or mitigate their effects.
** '''951 AM''' Dissonance corrupts major data hubs around the world. International data traffic begins crashing. An illusion is cast over Boston of a wolf devouring the sun.
** '''1005 AM''' CATCo corporate jet 5938-H loses power and crashes en route to San Francisco. All passengers and crew, including CATCo CEO Lucien Cross, are killed.
* '''November 3''' The New Revolution stages a coup across the UCAS. New Revolution agents kidnap President of the UCAS Kyle Haeffner, who is killed during a rescue attempt. Nadja Daviar survives an assassination attempt. Daviar declares martial law and the majority of New Revolution activity is defeated within twenty-four hours.
* '''November 7''' Ibn Eisa blames the Arabian Caliph for the Crash and the New Islamic Jihad begins a riot.
* '''November 23''' The Arabian Caliph surrenders to Ibn Eisa's New Islamic Jihad to end the violence. A new Poland government is sworn in.
* '''November 26''' Ibn Eisa is revealed to be a shedim.
* '''December 1''' The Haida National Front overthrows the government of the Tsimshian Nation, publicly executing Great Chief Deborah Jim. Sioux-led STC forces intervene. Tsimshian is made a protectorate of the Salish-Shidhe Council. The Council of Princes of Tír Tairngire announces it will abdicate in favor of an elected government.
* '''December 3''' Order is restored in Arabia.