* President Aurélie de Paladines leads the France state into the NEEC.
* The Hong Kong triad war ends with the Red Dragon Association victorious and the Yellow Lotus destroyed.
* Riots erupt over council politics in Tir Tairngire, leading to violence against dissidents by suppressive forces led by Jenna Ni'Fairra.
* James Telestrian III is elected to the Council of Princes .
* '''January 4''' Nineteen Mitsuhama thaumaturgy Research lab personnel are killed in an explosion while studying a Mars meteorite.
* '''February''' The Sovereign Tribal Council opens talks between the Tsimshian and Salish-Shidhe governments to resolve disputes that the STC feared may be a prelude to war.
* '''February 7''' Ares forces defeat an assault by California Protectorate Gen. Keiji Saito at Chico-Oroville.
* '''May 9''' Ork magician Dylan Risius is charged with 12 counts of murder as the "Flatline Killer."
* '''June''' Policlub Nationale Aktion claims responsibility for a bomb that killed ork tennis champion Kurt Schneider, French Foreign Affairs Minister Pascal Marat, and eight others.
* '''June 5''' An alleged Thor shot by Ares strikes near the recently completed Rømø Arkoblock owned by Proteus.
* '''June 23''' Novatech. founder Patrick Goodman is found dead in his home. Lone Star arrests Kane Heavy Industries CEO Alexander Kane for his murder.
* '''July-August''' The Polish Liberation Army routs a combined Russian and nationalist counteroffensive.
* '''July 1''' shaman and the Atlantean Foundation protest corporate banishment of spirits at Mount Kilimanjaro.
* '''July 9''' Northwest Financial files a UCAS federal lawsuit against Novatech for defaulting on a billion-nuyen corporate loan, raising fears that the megacorp may be teetering on the edge of failure.
* '''July 22''' Spanish Prince Juan Carlos relinquishes his claim to the throne, allowing the illegitimate troll son of the nation's former king to be crowned.
* '''August''' Damien Knight loses a chess match to 16-year-old Christine Anderson at the Ares Goodwill Tournament.
* '''August 19''' DocWagon COO Michael Davenport is allegedly shot, then killed while the vehicle transporting him was destroyed. Shadow rumors suggest Davenport faked his death to found Rose Croix.
* '''August 29''' The commander of Joint Task Force Seattle, Maj. Gen. Angela Colloton, announces the transfer of control over the SCIRE to the Seattle Metroplex Guard.
* '''September 11''' Suborbital flight RDA 319 crashes, killing all 144 passengers aboard. Among the dead are NEEC representative Rudolph McDonald and Erika wireless Matrix engineer Karl Mannstein.
* '''September 16''' The first publicized (and for many, known) manned mission to Mars, the Valentina Tereshkova, transmits live footage from the Martian surface.
* '''September 24''' Several days of riots begin in Manila.
* '''October''' A terrorist bombing strikes a playoff baseball game, killing five people and leading to the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series by default.
* '''October 8''' Talks between the Tsimshian and Salish-Sidhe fall apart.
* '''October 23''' The National Supreme Soviet announces that General Secretary Arkady Korolenko will take an indeterminite leave of absence to recover from illness.
* '''November 8''' An explosion at Novatech's Epoxitech factory in East St. Louis kills nine and injures 25.