* '''January''' The CAS offers a bounty for magicians who reanimate corpses.
* '''January''' Aztlan moves military troops into their sector in Denver, in direct violation of the Treaty of Denver. The other sectors also reinforce their borders with troops.
* '''January 3''' The sole survivor of the Japanese imperial family, the child Yasuhito, is revealed to the world and is made Emperor two days later.
* '''January 5''' Yasuhito becomes Emperor of Japan; beginning the Gen-Yu era.
* '''January 27''' The Council of Denver meets with Ghostwalker, giving him control of the city. The Aztlan sector is given to the CAS and Aztlan personnel are ordered to leave it the city.
* '''February 1''' The Japanese Emperor rescinds the Yomi Island decree, and the Huk openly declare revolution in the Philippines.
* '''February 5''' Aztlan/Aztechnology military forces start a slash and burn of the Yucatan.
* '''March 15''' An earthquake, tidal waves, and storms batter the Yucatan, halting the Aztlan offensive. In the weeks that follow, nature and Toxic Spirits wage warfare against both sides and each other.
* The Year of the Comet.
** '''March''' Halley's Comet becomes visible to the naked eye.
** '''March-April''' Ares lands a probe on the second pass of Halley's Comet, which sends back telemetry, establishing Ares as the winner of the Probe Race.
** '''April 1''' Halley's Comet disappears from view. All known natural orichalcum deposits run dry, and no new deposits are located. Reports of new SURGE cases decrease to a trickle.
* '''May''' After the passing of Halley's Comet, the magical nature of Tír na nÓg is permanently altered.
* '''May 2–5''' Armed combat erupts on the Salish-Shidhe/Tsimshian border resulting in thousands dead from an apparent biological weapon. Ceasefire agreed to on the 5th, but would be broken by SSC militias in July.
* '''July''' Québec begins a trial period allowing English to be used in business transactions.
* '''June''' Lofwyr and Aithne Oakforest retire from the Tír Tairngire Council of Princes.
* '''July''' The Great Dragon Hestaby, who had guarded northern California Free State from Tír Tairngire, joins the Tir High Council of Princes, replacing departing Lofwyr.
* In Hong Kong, an underground war starts between the Red Dragon Association and Yellow Lotus triads.
* Zeta-ImpChem purchases nanotechnology firm MicroFlek and retains its founder, Jorgen Masterson, for its R&D department.