* Start of {{Src}}
* '''January 3''' The UCAS Army erects a quarantine zone around the Renraku Arcology.{{src}} pg. 83
* '''January 18''' Five Blues exit the Renraku Arcology under cover of an illusion and open fire on the military cordon, killing more than thirty Renraku and UCAS personnel.SourceRenraku Arcology Shutdown. 49
* '''February 3''' Renraku CEO Inazo Aneki begins an indefinite leave of absence. Haruhiko Nakada takes over as interim CEO.''Ibid.'' pg. 51
* '''February 10''' Rumors spread on Shadowland that an Artificial Intelligence has taken over the Renraku Arcology and is performing brutal experiments on its captives.''Ibid.'' pgs. 27-31, ''Ibid.'' 1
* '''March 17''' Representatives from the corporate and anarchist zones of Berlin sign a treaty of coexistence.''Ibid.'' 1
* '''March 19''' A Mirage (AI)Seattle's Matrix RTG. People accessing the RTG suffer memory loss, psychotic episodes, or brain death. The attack lasts for eleven minutes and then ends with no explanation or aftereffects.SourcePsychotrope
* '''March 26''' in New Delhi, a terrorist bomb kills Navroz Chandaria, Renraku's newest Corporate Court representative, while she is meeting with Jawahr Prasad, India's Secretary of Commerce.
* '''April 5''' Shikei Nakatomi of Fuchi purchases four million shares of stock in Renraku from the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaftsbank. Renraku begins acquiring large portions of Fuchi.
* '''April 15''' Yves Aquillon of Cross Applied Technologies gains the Corporate Court seat left vacant by Navroz Chandaria's death.
* '''April 30''' The UN passes Resolution 3031 with the explicit purpose of "regulating the influence of economic powers in questions that should be answered by politics." The Commission on Megacorporate Affairs makes regular use of Resolution 3031 while policing corporate activities.''Ibid. 1''
* '''June 2''' Professor John Maniha publishes ''Dumpshock A Brief History of the Awakened World''.''Ibid.''
* '''June 7''' Korin Yamana of Fuchi Industrial Electronics announces his marriage to Mitsuko Shiawase of Shiawase Envirotech.
* '''June 14''' Shiawase Corporation purchases all remaining assets of Fuchi Industrial Electronics. Korin Yamana accepts a position on Shiawase's board of directors.
* '''June 15''' Neil Benson replaces Francesco Napoli as Renraku Computer Systems's representative on the Corporate Court.
* '''July 28''' Fuchi Industrial Electronics is officially dissolved.''Ibid.''
* The "present day" of Shadowrun system Third Edition.
* Tommy Talon and Assets, Inc. rescue Mary-Beth Tyre from an Ant shaman named Crosetti.{{src}} pg. 128, SourceCrossroads
* '''August 12''' The Pacific Prosperity Group acquires Pulau Batam and Pulau Bintan from the Sumatran Alliance in exchange for assistance in building the Pelawangan Space Port.''Ibid.'' 1
* '''October 3''' An island erupts from the Pacific Ocean roughly three hundred kilometers off the coast of Petrolia, California Free State, exactly as predicted in Dunkelzahn's Will. Federated Boeing investigates the island but appears to abandon its interest.''Ibid.''
* '''October 20''' The Draco Foundation awards its prize to Yamatetsu for creating the first self-sustaining underwater habitat.''Ibid.''
* '''November 7''' Kyle Haeffner and Nadja Daviar are reelected President of the UCAS.''Ibid.''
* '''November 8''' Cheryl Cundiff is elected President of the CAS with Brad Williams as Vice-President.''Ibid.''
* '''November 10''' Robert Page announces the completion of his translation of the ''Or'zet Codex''.''Ibid.''
* '''December 31''' Justin Rochefort claims the title of Voice of the Ogoun and the talon clippings bequeathed to that title in Dunkelzahn's Will.''Ibid.''
* Renraku's arcology in Munich opens.