* The Commissione chose Maurice Bigio"the Butcher" Bigio as the new Don of Seattle, chosen over Rowena O'Malley.
* The heat tap of a geothermal plant in the Trans-polar Aleut Nation explodes, releasing toxic radioisotopes in the local ecosystem.
* The government of Tir Tairngire declares martial law to end the protests and strikes organized by the Rinelle ke'Tesrae opposition.
* After a saboteur breaches the security of the SGHWS, rioting prisoners invade Vienna, Austria. Hundreds of people are killed.
* The Austrian Heritage Party wins with 40 percent of the vote in the Austria. Johanna Hapsburg becomes Prime Minister of Austria.
* Eva van de Linde becomes Prime Minister of the Netherlands.
* Lucien Cross, head of Cross Applied Technologies, survives an aviation accident.
* Ares Macrotechnology purchases a controlling majority of stock in General Motors.
* '''January''' Toshio Mitsukuri, previously COO of Monobe International, replaces Sho Kubota as President of the company.
* '''January 7''' Tadamako Shibanokuji, chairmain of Yamatetsu's board of directors, suffers a debilitating stroke. Control of his stock shares temporarily goes to Yamatetsu CEO Saru Iwano, until Tadamako dies, and the shares revert to his son, an Ork named Yuri Shibanokuji.
* '''February''' Carlos Consuni, candidate of the Liberal Catholic Voters Party, is elected President of the Philippines. The Great Dragon Masaru, leader of the Huk Rebels and backer of opposition candidate Filipa Salonga, demands a re-vote that the Japanese governor refuses.
* '''February 22''' Tadamako Shibanojuki, chairman of the board of Yamatetsu Corporation, dies. His son Yuri Shibanojuki replaces him.
* '''March''' 27 people are killed in an industrial accident inside the Renraku Arcology.
* '''May 5''' Yamatetsu Corporation relocates its headquarters from Kyoto, Japan, to Vladivostok, Russia.
* '''May 16''' Dosan Aburajoki, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies's representative on the Corporate Court, commits suicide in his home in Kyoto, Japan.
* '''June 6''' Fuchi Industrial Electronics brings suit in the Corporate Court against Renraku Computer Systems for illegally using trade secrets of former Fuchi employee Miles Lanier.
* '''June 7''' Miles Lanier leaves the board of directors of Renraku Computer Systems.
* '''June 16''' Navroz Chandaria is elected to represent Renraku Computer Systems on the Corporate Court, filling the seat previously held by Dosan Aburojaki for Mitsuhama Computer Technologies.
* '''July 8''' The Pacific Prosperity Group is established.
* '''July 11''' Tokyo-Seattle Flight 1118 crashes in Redmond district in Seattle, UCAS. 153 passengers and crew are killed in the plane and 51 are killed on the ground. David Hague, representative of Renraku Computer Systems on the Corporate Court, is among the passengers.
* '''August 15''' Li Feng is elected for Wuxing on the Corporate Court to the seat previously held by David Hague for Renraku Computer Systems.
* '''August 22''' Nadja Daviar regains control of the Ares stock owned by Gavilan Ventures.
* '''September 29''' "White Monday." The Tokyo Stock Exchange suffers its largest single-day drop since December 1989.
* '''October 6''' Villiers International and Cambridge Holdings merge to form Novatech. Richard Villiers resigns from his position of President and CEO of Fuchi Industrial Electronics to head Novatech.
* '''October 6''' Novatech is granted AAA status for the ownership of Corporate Court founding company JRJ International. Lynn Osborne, representative of Fuchi Industrial Electronics, leaves her company to join Novatech and is allowed to stay on the court. Without a representative on the court, and in the absence of a vacant seat, Fuchi Industrial Electronics is downgraded to AA status. Miles Lanier is appointed Novatech's director of security.
* The Draco Foundation announces that Art Dankwalther, to whom Great Dragon Dunkelzahn willed UCAS$34,586,224,739.58, has been discovered.
* '''Oct 20''' Leonard Aurelius sells all of his Ares stock to Arthur Vogel. Vogel steps down as president of Sierra, Inc., and is replaced by Gary Grey.
* '''October 27''' Leonard Aurelius joins the board of directors of Cross Applied Technologies.
* '''December 3''' A massive earthquake of magical origin hits the suburb of Richmond in Vancouver, Salish-Shidhe, but none of the adjacent area. Tens of thousands of people are killed.
* '''December 15''' Anna Villalobos takes the seat of Domingo Chavez on the Corporate Court to represent Aztechnology.
* '''December 19''' The SCIRE in Seattle, UCAS, is sealed automatically by security systems, trapping more than 100,000 people inside. Local, federal and corporate authorities deploy troops and declare the arcology off-limits to non-military personnel.