* '''January''' Aurélie de Paladines wins the France presidential election and becomes the first woman to be President of France.
* '''January 19''' The UCAS House of Representatives declares the President of the UCAS2056 invalid, cancelling the inauguration of incumbent President Thomas Steele on the next day. Speaker of the House Betty Jo Pritchard becomes president ad interim before new election.
* '''January 20''' Ivory McCabe is inaugurated as President of the CAS.
* '''February''' The New England Patriots defeat the incumbent champion, the Jacksonville Cardinals, in National Football League.
* '''March 15''' Dunkelzahn announces his intention to run for President on a historic broadcast of "Wyrm Talk!"
* '''March 27''' The body of shadowrunner Rodney James "Roderigo" Goodhue is found at his cyberdeck several days after his death and a week after SourceThreats on Shadowland that he double-crossed Lofwyr on a run against a small pharmaceutical corporation.
* The Independent Information Network building in Seattle, UCAS, is bombed, killing 20. The IIN accuses Alamos 20,000.
* '''April 20''' 0000 (local time unknown) A decker calling himself Leonardo shuts down major servers run by the Big Eight and issues ransom demands.
* '''May''' The Pentagon in Washington FDC, UCAS, is bombed.
* '''May''' A massive riot in Venice occurs during celebrations organized for the birth of the Doge's twins.
* Samuel Violet, Renraku Computer Systems's representative on the Corporate Court, is killed in a plane crash.
* Tir Tairngire postpones its Rite of Progression.
* Faulty vat tissues used by DocWagon in Seattle, UCAS, cause cases of serious insanity and cannibalism nicknamed the "laughing death".
* A Tir Tairngire freighter ship, the Sapphire Seahawk, explodes in international waters off the Pacific Coast.
* A monorail derailment and explosion of a car in Seattle, UCAS, cause several deaths.
* '''July 10''' General Franklin Yeats, Republican Party candidate in the UCAS Presidential Election 2057, is murdered in his hotel in Seattle, UCAS, by a wasp spirit possessing an FBI agent assigned to his security.
* '''August 1''' The UCAS Presidential Election of 2057 is held.
* '''August 7''' Dunkelzahn and Kyle Haeffner win the UCAS Presidential Election 2057.
* '''August 9''' Dunkelzahn is sworn into the office of President of the UCAS, hours before dying in the explosion of his limousine in Washington FDC, UCAS. An astral rift appear soon after on the site. Riots start in all the UCAS cities.
* '''August 10''' UCAS Vice President Kyle Haeffner is sworn in as President of the UCAS.
* A riot in Halifax, Nova Scotia results in the crashing of a Halifax-Calgary Fed-Boeing 707 airplane after the rioters put a truck on the runway. All the passengers and crew are killed.
* '''August 15''' The reading of Dunkelzahn's Will by Nadja Daviar at the Watergate Hotel in Washington FDC, UCAS, establishes the Draco Foundation, among many other things.
* '''August 15''' Miles Lanier leaves his position as head of security of Fuchi Industrial Electronics to join the board of directors of Renraku Computer Systems.
* '''August 20''' Art Vogel becomes president of Sierra, Inc.
* '''August 22''' The first "shadow information" on Dunkelzahn's will is uploaded onto the Shadowland BBS by system operator Captain Chaos.
* '''August 22''' Nadja Daviar grants Damien Knight voting control over Gavilan Ventures (Ares stock portfolio) for 2 years.
* '''August 25''' The Scott Commission on the Assassination of President Dunkelzahn is established.
* '''August 31''' The Players (of the Awakened World) is uploaded to the Shadowland BBS by system administrator Captain Chaos.
* '''Sep 3-Nov 10''' The Draco Foundation begins operations at its newly christened headquarters. The movers and shakers of the world converge on Washington, FDC to receive their inheritances.
* '''September 12''' Wu Lung-Wai announces dramatic expansion plans for Wuxing, Inc.
* '''October 2''' Captain Chaos begins to upload a series of investigations into the items bequeathed by Dunkelzahn's will.
* '''October''' The dons of the Bigio and Ciarniello families in Seattle begin meeting covertly with Sergei Malenkin, a representative of a group of super-killers known as Chimera.
* Princess Caroline of Great Britain and Jurgen Meiers of Zeta-ImpChem divorce.
* The publishing of The Diaries of Tamir Grey sparks a movement of public sympathy for ghouls in the UCAS.
* Jessica Sirianni replaces William Vogel as the CEO of Federated-Boeing.
* Shibata Takako becomes CEO of Shibata Construction & Engineering.
* Maria Alonzo steps down from her position as President of the Pueblo Corporate Council. The Board of Directors elects Emilio Cajeme to replace her.
* David Emerson funds his religious organization, the Children of the Dragon, revering the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn.
* Joe Two-Feathers, a high-ranking member of the ORC, is assassinated in Seattle, UCAS.
* World-famous parazoologist Dr. Paterson disappears during an expedition in Amazonia.
* Australia experiences a record drought.
* The UCAS chooses a new flag.