* '''January 12''' Dr. Michael Nickson founds the Aleph Society.
* '''April 28''' Proteus AG and AG Chemie Europa go to war at Proteus's Helgoland facility, which ends when the Great Dragon Nachtmeister sides with Proteus.
* '''June 8''' Insect spirits are discovered in several large cities in India.
* '''June 22''' The United Canadian and American Statesgreat dragon Dunkelzahn as a legal citizen. A famous "handshake" between Dunkelzahn and UCAS President of the UCASThomas Steele sends the Technocrat ticket to the top of the polls.
* '''July 3''' Truman Technologies relocates their headquarters from Chicago to Los Angeles, California Free State.
* '''July 5''' Yucatan rebels accidentally sink a civilian ferry, killing over two hundred people.
* '''July 9''' Panic erupts in Malaysia when insect spirits are discovered to be leading the neo-communist movement.
* '''July 19''' Ares Macrotechnology forces and Kurdish mercenaries destroy an Insect spirits in Constantinople.
* '''July 24''' Renraku Computer Systems launches the Locus Elementum organization.
* '''August 9''' The International Olympic Committee cancels the 2060 Olympic Games when 60% of the participating nations boycott the events over Japanese Imperial State's anti-metahuman policies.
* '''September 13''' United Canadian and American States. They link the weapons to a previously-unknown organization called Winternight.
* '''October 25''' Fifteen people are killed when a bomb explodes at the Liberation Day parade in San Francisco.
* '''October 28''' A strange aurora appears over Crater Lake.
* '''November 7''' UCAS President Thomas Steele and Vice President James Booth are overwhelmingly re-elected to office in "the dullest election of the 21st century."
* '''December 17''' Proteus AG announces plans for a fully submerged arkoblock near Rømø Island.
* The Confederation of American States. Most professional sports leagues adopt similar policies.{{src}} pg. 98