* Acting on "tips" from Ares, the United Canadian and American StatesUniversal Brotherhood and shut it down, using a cover story of financial corruption. Other nations take similar steps, and the Brotherhood is completely shut down by 2056. Ares assists in destructive raids against local hives, which are reported as widespread incidents of "unmotivated terrorist violence" against the Universal Brotherhood.
* '''August 8''' The Allied German States government declares a state of emergency over Berlin and tasks the Extraterritoriality corporations with ending the anarchist rule of the city. Heavy fighting erupts.
* '''August 23''' An Ares Macrotechnology Firewatch team assaults the Universal Brotherhood's chapter house in Chicago. The insect spirits escape into the city, causing mass panic. The United Canadian and American States, trapping over 100,000 civilians within the "Chicago Containment Zone." The official story is of a VITAS outbreak. The Mafia loses contact with the ''Don'' of Chicago and the ''Commissione'' believes him dead; it transfers control of Chicago operations to ''Don'' Leo McCaskill of Milwaukee, a former lieutenant of James O'Malley.
* '''October 1''' An unidentified group penetrates a massive insect hive beneath Cermak Avenue in the Chicago Containment Zone and detonates a sub-tactical nuclear weapon just after the queen spirits erect a magical barrier. Civilians and military personnel witness the huge explosion from outside the Zone. Virtually all the insect spirits in Chicago are knocked into torpor. Official sources refuse to comment.
* '''Late December''' The media receives documents compiled by residents of the Chicago Containment Zone describing the truth behind the Wall a Hell-on-Earth scenario where petty warlords exerted control through violence, privation is the norm, and insect spirits openly preyed on the population. Chicago gains a new nickname Bug City.
* The band Anhedonia breaks up. Lead singer Billy "Oz-Man" Ossian focuses on their record label, Chrome Damage.{{src}} pg. 48
* Doris, Shield Wall's second sasquatch singer, passes away from cancer.{{src}} pg. 54