* The Song-O-Mat scandal. After Zir Zemo's use of the Song-O-Mat software is discovered, the Japanacorp Uzora is revealed to have manufactured numerous musical groups with the same software.{{src}} pg. 47
* Falsely-labeled music produced by Software Produced Automatic Music (SPAM) is found during law enforcement crackdowns on pirated music.''Ibid.'' pg 59
* The dwarf singer Pantu'u files suit against Truman Distribution Networks over the unauthorized recording and sale of his sound.''Ibid.'' pg. 47
* The Manitou Brotherhood bombs a GMC factory in the Algonkian-Manitou Council, killing fifteen.{{src}} pg. 64
* '''January 31''' Proteus AG qualifies for Allied German States extraterritoriality.{{src}} pg. 73
* '''February 17''' The study of ancient ninjas lends credence to the Adept theory.''Ibid.''
* '''March 1''' A Seattle street gang called the Mindfraggers attacks the Octagon. The Universal Brotherhood's security wipes them out. The only survivor is taken to Seattle General in critical condition; she later relates her story of the incident to Zebediah Wanderly.{{src}}
* '''March 12''' Rebel forces begin commando raids against Aztlan troops in Yucatán.''Ibid.'' 5
* '''April 6-7''' At approximately midnight local time, the towns of Gilroy and San Martin, California Free State, erupt in violence. Roughly ten percent of the towns' populations are dead and most of the rest flee. San Martin's City Hall and Universal Brotherhood chapter house are razed to the ground. In his investigations, Zebediah Wanderly concludes that two insect spirit hives came into contact and instinctively attacked each other.''Ibid.'' 7
* '''April 27''' Anti-Japanese terrorists bomb the San Francisco BART line.''Ibid.'' 5
* '''April 28''' Relations between the Russian Republic and the Allied German States are normalized.''Ibid.''
* '''April 30''' Mary-Beth Tyre is Dunkelzahn's Will just after her sixth birthday.{{src}} pg. 26
* '''May 1''' Just before 1000 PM local time, freelance reporter Frederick Davitt is murdered at his apartment door in Washington, FDC. His bludgeoned body is discovered in a garbage bin behind his apartment.''Ibid.'' 7
* '''May 6''' Shortly before 1100 PM local time, former NewsNet investigative reporter Zebediah Wanderly uploads his notes and research into the Universal Brotherhood to the Denver Nexus from Grodin's Tavern in Seattle. The Brotherhood destroys the building to kill him and stop the upload. Lone Star manages to identify Wanderley and the street decker Icepick through dental records and conclude that Icepick failed to stop Wanderley from destroying the building.''Ibid.''
* '''May 19''' ''Final Fling'', featuring simsense starlet Euphoria, is released.''Ibid.'' 5
* '''May 21''' The great western dragon Schwartzkopf appears in the town of Furth im Wald at the foot of Schwarzkoppe Mountain and declares himself its ruler.''Ibid.''
* '''May 29''' A dragon collides with an Airlink Transit plane in Pueblo Corporate Council territory, killing two.''Ibid.''
* '''June 3''' Derek Highsun leads a successful coup against Adrienne Silvermoon to take control of the Manitou Brotherhood in the Algonkian-Manitou Council.''Ibid.'', {{src}} pg. 65
* '''June 23''' The great dragon Haesslich disappears after a battle with a group of shadowrunners near Puget Sound in Seattle.''Ibid.'' 5
* '''June 24''' Princess Caroline of the United Kingdom marries Swiss banking magnate Jurgen Meier.''Ibid.''
* '''July 20''' Spinrad Industries is hit with massive fines and loses France extraterritoriality after revelations that it participated in illegal human experiments in Marseilles.''Ibid.''
* '''ca. August''' Seattle musician James "Dark Angel" Crull apparently commits suicide in a BTL-induced episode. Xanadu Studios releases a posthumous album of his music.SourceDark Angel pg. 9
* '''August 10''' Terrorists blow up a steamship filled with Aztechnology officials on the Mississippi River.''Ibid.'' 5
* '''September 15''' Clothing fashions trend towards an exaggerated “heavy armor” look.''Ibid.''
* '''October 9''' Spinrad Industries signs a one hundred-year lease for the entire Principality of Monaco and begins a dramatic reconstruction plan.''Ibid.''
* '''October 26'''
**  A 5.5 earthquake strikes the San Francisco Bay area.''Ibid.''
** A bomb explodes at the Universal Brotherhood chapterhouse in Tacoma, killing five.''Ibid.''
* '''November 3''' Frumious, the sasquatch singer for Shield Wall, disappears after their live performance at Underworld 93 in Seattle, UCAS.''Ibid.'' 1 pg. 54, ''Ibid.'' 5
* '''November 15''' A debate between corporate security officers and shadowrunners on the talk show ''Heavy Hitters'' erupts into violence.''Ibid.'' 5
* '''November 17''' The new Flamingo Casino opens in Las Vegas.''Ibid.''