* '''January 9''' Proteus AG begins construction on its Helgoland headquarters though a shell company.{{src}} pg. 66
* '''February 13''' Aztechnology opens the The Spindle orbital platform.''Ibid.''SourceTarget Wastelands pg. 77
* '''March 26''' Operation RECIPROCITY The Corporate Court conducts a joint military strike against Aztechnology and Aztlan for nationalizing corporate assets.''Ibid.'' 1{{src}} pgs. 43-47
* '''March 29''' Shortly after Operation RECIPROCITY, Aztechnology accepts the terms of the Veracruz Settlement along with the seven AAA megacorps, and Aztechnology pays reparations to those AAA corps whose assets it nationalized.''Ibid.''
* '''May 1''' Panama is admitted into Aztlan.''Ibid.'' 5 pg. 41
* Authority over the Panama Canal is transferred to the Corporate Court, and the Pan-Corporate Zone is designed as a "megacorporate protectorate" with its own governor and security provided by all of the AAA megacorps except Aztechnology.
* Scotland declares full independence.
* After a TerraFirst! cell destroys its Seattle plant, Hawkshorne Chemical settles a class-action lawsuit out of court with Arthur Vogel to stop producing a highly-toxic insecticide. Hawkshorne does not destroy its stockpile as promised and instead stores it.
* The lead singer and four crewmembers of the band Immortal 8 are tried and convicted for magical assault after they are discovered to be unlicensed magicians who magically influenced audiences and talent agents. Magically-active musicians lose their audiences in the aftermath.{{src}} pg. 47
* '''June 24-25''' JetBlack records what will be his final sessions at Carrion Studios.''Ibid.''{{src}} pg. 31
* '''July 8''' Maria Mercurial's ''Who Weeps for the Children?'' hits number one on the MTCA's Top 100, pushing her to novastardom.SourceMercurial pg. 8''Ibid''. 1''Ibid.'' 8 pg. 53
* '''August 4''' Frumious joins Shield Wall.''Ibid.'' 1
* '''September''' Maria Mercurial's ''Take it to Mister'' pushes her ''Who Weeps for the Children?'' out of the number one spot on the MTCA's Top 100.''Ibid.'' 11
* '''October 10''' JetBlack is killed on his way home from a Seattle concert.''Ibid.'' 1
* '''November 3''' Colbert Group CEO Alan Adams (Democrat) and Thomas Steele (Technocrat) are elected the 4th President of the UCAS. Edna Wallace is re-elected President of the CAS.''Ibid.''
* '''December 8''' Humanis Policlub assassinates Seattle mayor Daniel Fedderson.''Ibid.''
* '''December 18''' Amanda "Euphoria" Lockheart becomes a simsense star with the release of her first starring role, ''Shotgun Blue''.''Ibid.''SourceQueen Euphoria pg. 67
* '''December 29''' A massive earthquake levels Izmir, Turkey.SourceShadows of Asia. 115''Ibid.'' 1