* '''July 8''' The first International Urban Brawl World Cup takes place in Flint, Michigan.
* '''August 2''' The Bruckner-Langer HMHVV strain, which turns humans into nosferatu, is isolated in Austria.
* '''August 14''' HMHVV I's effects on dwarves is recorded, turning them into goblin.
* '''September 10''' A team of rogue deckers, known as Magestone, erases the results of California's gubernatorial election, allegedly aided by a Los Angeles street gang. The so-called Lost Election prompts the government to declare war on the "criminal element" in Los Angeles, sending army and corporate mercenary troops to raze El Infierno. After fighting a losing battle, California's central government declares Los Angeles a Free City.
* '''November 16''' Humanis Policlub is founded in Texas.