* '''February 1''' The Universal Brotherhood opens its first chapters in San Francisco, Ukiah, and Gilroy, California Free State.{{src}} ''A Web of Deceit'' Chapter One{{src}} p. 61
* '''February 19''' The Black Forest Troll Kingdom is founded in Allied German States.
* '''March 19''' Flanders and the Netherlands form the United Netherlands.
* '''April 7''' The Grand Duchy of Westrhine-Luxembourg is founded in Allied German States.
* '''May 1''' Tír Tairngire holds its second Rite of Progression.
* '''May 2''' Tír na nÓg Tir na nOg State PresidentLiam O'Connor disappears. James O'Brien replaces him and William O'Dunn is named High Stewart of Tir na nOg.
* '''May 21'''Brane Deigh declares herself Rian, Queen of the Seelie Court.
* Tír Tairngire establishes the Star Chamber, an assembly of representatives of 128 districts.
* '''June 14''' The Kurdish Autonomous Zone is established over parts of eastern Turkey and northern Iraq under the leadership of Ahmed Massoud.{{src}} p. 94, 119''
* '''June 22''' Earthquakes strike southern France and western Germany.
* '''June 29''' The EBMM Scandal, involving magical cheating in an Urban Brawl match, tarnishes the season in Germany.
* The Nationale Aktion terrorist group massacres several people at Munich Olympic Village in Germany.
* A terrorist attack by Protestant extremists using incendiary bombs in London, Great Britain, kills 31 and maims 102.
* The inaugural train of the high-speed rail link between Melbourne and Canberra in Australia crashes into a road train. Most passengers, including celebrities, are killed.
* '''July 8''' Rhiannon Glendower becomes Countess of Snowdon.
* '''July 13''' The CAS governmental facilities of Freepark in Atlanta are completed.
* '''July 22''' DocWagon opens its first Seattle office.
* '''July 31''' The first professional gladiator matches take place in the UCAS.
* '''August 10''' The Seattle yakuza purge the Koreans from their ranks. The survivors form the first Seoulpa Rings.
* '''August 22''' Tsimshian introduces public executions during the yearly potlatch ceremony.
* '''August 30''' Earthquakes shake the Upper Rhine in the Allied German States.
* '''September 14''' Professor Marius Kochik of the University of Prague presents the Unified Magical Theory.
* '''October 5''' Switzerland moves the bulk of its administrative apparatus to the Matrix.
* Sakehisa Tajika, chairman of the board of Ares Macrotechnology retires. He is replaced by Damien Knight.
* '''November 25''' ''Mankind Ascendant'', the first book by Ehran the Scribe, is published.
* Gwynedd elves make major advances in Welsh regional parliament.