* '''June 15''' Yamatetsu is promoted to AAA status.
* The Corporate Court proposes the Business Recognition Accords to governments of the world to establish a standard of extraterritorial privileges.
* The Eurowars officially end.
* The Munich Amendments to the Geneva Convention are passed, integrating the Copenhagen Accords.
* The United Nations recognizes Sasquatches and Hsing-sing as sentient races.
* The Roman Catholicism accepts women as priests.
* Dunkelzahn's semi-annual ''Wyrm Talk'' premieres.
* Zeta-ImpChem's practice of dumping neurotoxins in central Africa is exposed in the Polydopa scandal.
* DocWagon opens its first franchises outside of Atlanta.
* The city of Istanbul secedes from Turkey as the Independent Commonwealth of Constantinople.
* Tír na nÓg President Liam O'Connor is elected High Steward and disappears from public life.
* Liang Hong is appointed General of Sichuan.
* A series of volcanic eruptions occur in the Eifel Mountain region of Germany.
* Akira Watada, oyabun of the Watada-rengo, issues an ultimatum to the Korean oyabuns of Seattle. They must pledge their loyalty to the Watada-rengo or suffer the consequences.
* Ares Project Cydonia discovers Operation Discovery crash, Veil agents engineer a hoax to cover it The cheesy UFO photo made public 15 years later by Dunkelzahn's Will.
* First biannual international Urban Brawl World Cup.


I like these descriptions of corporate positions. I was wondering if we should have corporate basics article, describing Chairman, the BoD, CEO, CFO, corporate hierarchy titles like division, branch, home office, and subsidiaries, as well as the whys an organization would do this.--UserYoungFreud 0134, 26 Oct 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

And here I was starting to wonder if these dictionary-style pages were useful.  I have to admit, I was a little iffy on pages that impart only 5th world knowledge.  It would be nice to have a central summary page.  )  --UserMshieh 1329, 26 Oct 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

I added the big ten Chairmen to the article. Is there a way to restore the old info?
--UserBlack Angus 2246, 17 November 2010 (UTC)
I'm going to assume that this is an unofficial (but still very appreciated) entry?  As an unofficial entry, it won't be scrutinized as carefully for consistency with canon.  --UserMshieh 1320, 26 Oct 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)