* Channel 7's show "Medicine Bag" exposes the Adams-Hoffman Corporation's "Project 42-20", which attempted gene-pool manipulation on the metahuman population of southern London in Great Britain, with a confirmed death toll of 720 and suspected toll close to 1,000. The revelation prompts riots and the creation of the Lambeth Martyrs terrorist group.
* The Lambeth Martyrs attack three London subway stations, killing nearly a hundred people, and strikes Dulwich Village, killing 74 people, including a former Prime Minister.
* '''May 21''' The German states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg secede from the Federal Republic and declare themselves the South German League. Corporate pressure forces the federal government to accept the secession. Alfons Hunggarten of the right-wing Bavarian People's Party (BVP) becomes the SGL's first chancellor.
* Emperor Leopold of Austria disappears in the midst of a controversy on suicidal orders given by Austrian generals to Czech and Hungarian units during Eurowar II.
* In Italy, the Venitia, Mezzogiorno and Sicily establish autonomous local governments.
* France enacts the ''Loi Loureau'' (Loureau Act) to control the application of corporate extraterritoriality.
* The Southern Conservative Party breaks away from the CAS CAS Republican Party.
* Great Chief Deborah Jim is named head of the Tsimshian government.
* Chrysler and Nissan merge into Chrysler-Nissan.
* Fuchi takes over JRJ International, thus obtaining AAA rating.
* The Harris-3M corporation goes out of business.
* Yukiako Watanabe becomes Chairman of the Board of Renraku, replacing Inazo Aneki, who remains President and CEO.
* Construction of arkobloks in Cuxhaven and Wilhelmshaven begins.
* A dragon destroys the hydrogen airship Lothar Späth above the Black Forest in Germany.
* The Acoola-class submarine Gahanna Girl disappears in the Bermuda Triangle.
* A blizzard hits Denver.
* The first National Football League since 2030 is held.
* Judy Hofsted becomes the first woman to win a professional baseball contract, signing with the Detroit Tigers.