* '''January 10''' The NAN sector of Denver is divided into three zones under the control of the Pueblo Corporate Council, Sioux Nation, and Ute Nation.
* '''March''' Liam O'Connor becomes State President of Tír na nÓg.
* '''April 16''' Atlanta is chosen as the national capital of the CAS.
* '''May 1''' At 1200 PM GMT, a broadcast originating from Portland overrides all terrestrial signals. Lugh Surehand declares the independence of Tír Tairngire from the Native American Nations with himself as High Prince. Tír Tairngire repulses six military responses to its declaration. California is the only state to initially recognize the independent state.
* '''May 9''' The NAN member states, except the Salish-Shidhe Council, recognize Tír Tairngire's sovereignty.
* The Tsimshian Nation secedes from the NAN in response to Tír Tairngire's secession.
* '''May 17''' Aztlan invades Texas, capturing the cities of Austin and San Antonio. The capital of Texas is moved to Dallas-Fort Worth.
* '''July 9''' Satellite imaging confirms that the landscape of Africa is undergoing radical transformations.
* '''August''' Jonathon Reed, Maria Cinebal, and Dar Varien are appointed to the Council of Princes of Tír Tairngire.
* Lofwyr is appointed to the Council of Princes of Tír Tairngire.
* '''September 10''' The CAS refuses to support Texas resistance to Aztlan aggression and Texas secedes from the union.
* '''October 30''' The Tír Tairngire Council of Princes increases its membership to eleven, inducting Blake Ladner, Garth Stone, Larry Zincan, and Rex as its new princes.
* Martin de Vries leaves/is expelled from the Ordo Maximus.
* '''November 20''' The Corporate Court saves the United Nations from dissolution.
* '''December 22''' The Yarrow nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom suffers a catastrophic meltdown, creating the Northern Irradiated Zone.