* Aithne Oakforest, Sean Laverty, and Lugh Surehand direct the construction of duplicate communications infrastructure in the south Salish-Shidhe Council. They eventually have an independent state in all but name.
* Aztlan withdraws from the Sovereign Tribal Council and the Native American Nations when they refuse to pressure the UCAS into ceding Texas.
* '''February 28''' The Shiawase Corporation receives a patent from the Corporate Court for its genetically-engineered type O tissues.
* '''March 31''' The University of Chicago and the Atlantean Foundation establish Elemental Hall on Lake Michigan.
* '''May 1''' Matrix Systems releases the first gray-market cyberterminal, the Portal.
* '''July 4''' The United Kingdom gives Primrose Hill and the surrounding buildings to the New Druidic Movement to serve as its headquarters.
* '''June 12''' Ken Roper and Michael Eld, the founders of Matrix Systems, both die in freak accidents.
* '''June 13''' Matrix Systems's main computer suffers a catastrophic crash, destroying all data concerning the Portal. The prototypes go missing as well.
* '''August 7''' Richard Villiers acquires one-third of Fuchi Industrial Electronics in exchange for all of his North American holdings, his Corporate Court seat, and his backup data and prototype of the Portal.
* '''August 28''' Hualpa, Sirrurg, and an unidentified third great dragon lead a force of Awakened and metahumanity to seize Manaus in the Amazon Basin. The force begins to seize more territory, spreading outward from the Basin.
* '''October 14''' The Alliance for Allah launches its Great Jihad, attacking Israel, Russia, the Indian Union, the Balkans, and the Iberian Peninsula.''Shadows of Asia'' states October 13
* '''November 2''' Following the fall of Brasilia and the surrender of Brazil, Hualpa announces the foundation of Amazonia.
* '''November 10''' The Confederation of American States secedes from the UCAS.
* '''December 11''' A state of emergency is declared in Tír na nÓg while the legislature enacts further changes to the constitution.
* '''December 19''' Representatives from the UCAS and CAS sign the Treaty of Richmond, confirming the UCAS's recognition of the CAS as a sovereign nation.
* '''December 25''' Seamus O'Kennedy announces further government reforms and the formation of Tír na nÓg. Many humans emigrate in response.
* '''December 31''' South Florida joins the Caribbean League.