* '''January 12''' In Alpena, Michigan, Owen Whiting's non-allergenic cellular protein structure is identified during a routine flu treatment.{{src}} pg. 50
* '''February 10''' The Ute Nation Council approves a proposal from Maritech Enterprises to turn the Sevier Bridge Reservoir into a freshwater fish farm.''Ibid.''
* '''March 1''' Senators from Alabama and Georgia lead a walk out of southern bloc legislators. Atlanta hosts representatives from fourteen states to discuss secession from the United Canadian and American States.''Ibid.''
* '''March 21''' The first trideo broadcast is Concrete Dreams's public debut of their music trideo for "Sons of Thunder" on RockNet's "New Notes" program. The performance introduces the music world to the synthlink.{{src}} pg. 7, {{src}} pgs. 45-47
* '''May 14''' The American Medical Association develops its rules and guidelines for the medical practice of magic.{{src}} pg. 50
* Eurowar I continues.
** Poland surrenders to Russia.
** Russian troops don't attack Berlin but loop to strike west alongside the Elbe.
** Great Britain deploys troops in the Netherlands and Flanders.
* The Olympic Games are canceled.
* '''August 19''' The Corporate Court involves itself in the reconstruction of worldwide communications lines, known as the Matrix.''Ibid.''
* Michel Beloit, head of BMW, dies under mysterious circumstances. His widow, Wilhelmina Graff-Beloit, becomes Chairman of the Board.
* A dozen large Filipino and Japanese companies merge to form Yamatetsu.
* '''September 28''' Lone Star Security Services is granted extraterritoriality.
* The UCAS government grants Lone Star Security Services a contract to privatize Drug Enforcement Agency duties.
* The Technocratic Party is formed in the UCAS.
* '''October 30''' Several megacorporations in the Seattle Metroplex are robbed of millions of nuyen in the same week. The money and the perpetrators are never found.
* '''November 2''' UCAS President Andrew McAlister and Vice-President Harold Frazier win the first UCAS-wide election, keeping them in office.''Ibid.''
* The Human MetaHuman Vampiric Virus (HMHVV) is isolated.
* The Corporate Court takes over the ITCC, placing RTG regulation firmly in its jurisdiction. The name of the authority is changed to the Corporate Court Matrix Authority (CCMA).
* Baseball becomes the first major-league sport to allow cyberware.{{src}} pg. 59
* '''November 15''' A consortium of Corporate Court members - Ares, Aztechnology, BMW, JRJ International, Mitsuhama, Renraku, and Shiawase - takes over Global Financial Services.{{src}} pg. 50