* The ghoul nation of Asamando is founded in Africa.
* Awakening forces in Russia seize Yakut (Awakened Siberia).
* Brian O'Malley is shot and killed in his home by Yakuza assassins. A retaliatory hit the next day kills the Yakuza ''oyabun'' responsible, along with his lieutenants. Losses on both sides of the Mafia/Yakuza conflict result in a truce. Patrick Finnigan becomes ''don'' of his family and the ''capo'' of Seattle.
* Yakut (Awakened Siberia)Russia.
* After the Kaliningrad Incident, Russia attacks Poland, starting the Euro Wars.
* The city of Sydney declares its independence from Australia.
* The elven duchy of Pomorya is established in Germany.
* The Defense Government in France officially charges the Druidic Revival of Britanny movement to monitor the Mist.
* Nicholas Aurelius retires as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Ares Industries. He is replaced by his son Leonard Aurelius.
* The United Corporate Council is chartered in Seattle.
* Francis Daniels is killed during riots in Washington FDC
* The National Football League is canceled.
* Concrete Dreams plays its first show at Club Penumbra in Seattle, UCAS
* '''October 15''' Act of Union signed in Washington D.C., Canada and the US merge into the United Canadian and American States.
* Germany's first commercial fusion power plant goes online in Garching near Munich.
* India launches a tactical nuclear weapon against Kashmir, because of Pakistani support of insurgents. Pakistan responds with four of its own tactical nuclear weapons. Two explode on the launchpad. The other two successfully detonate in Kashmir. The United Nations and Corporate Court prevent the situation from escalating. A Corporate Court covert op task force removes the rest of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.