* '''January 20''' Andrew MacAlister is inaugurated President of the United States.
* The CIA, FBI, and NSA begin the Echo Mirage project.
* '''February 8''' The Crash Virus of 2029 attacks and crashes computers worldwide. It devastates administrations and trades who relied on Internet, but also spreads as far as orbital stations. It sparks problems in several countries, including France, Spain, Austria, Philippines and the USA. The US government activates Echo Mirage to stop the virus spread using their cyberterminal technology. Team One fails, with the virus causing deadly failure to the cybertechnology interface.
* '''April 19''' The virus infects the USA national air traffic control network, causing 27 accidents and the deaths of thousands of passengers and crew.
* '''July 14''' Military forces led by Gen. Lepoivre seize power in France, ending the fifth Republic and disrupting the European Union.
* In Basle, Switzerland, a laboratory owned by the Genom Corporation experiences a critical failure caused by the virus, releasing an experimental mutagen in the atmosphere which kills thousands of people.
* '''August''' A presidential emergency order drafts elite corporate and university hackers into Echo Mirage. Echo Mirage Team Two tries to remove the virus from a first system. Several members are killed, but key data about the virus are gathered. When the data logs were analyzed, two things became apparent First, the virus program could induce lethal biofeedback in humans accessing the Matrix. Second, no existing computer security could even slow down someone using a cyberterminal.
* Sony, Fuchi Industrial Electronics and RCA-Unisys develop prototype cyberterminals.
* The Salish-Shidhe Council opens its borders to all metahumans, not just Native Americans. The Sinsearach elf tribe is founded in the southern region.
* The Native American Nations open their borders to all metahumans.
* Iceland becomes a protectorate of Trans-polar Aleut Nation.
* Renraku Holdings is established to take over Keruba International.
* Euskal Herria is granted independence by Spain.
* A major earthquake strikes Tenochtitlán in Aztlan.