* Mount Tajumulco erupts in Aztlan.
* Japan starts deporting metahumans to Yomi Island.
* The USA government passes the Telecommunications Act of 2027, stating that any program legally broadcast from a foreign country can be received in the US.
* Great Britain's Lord Protector's office drafts, and Parliament passes, the Magical Practitioners Registration Bill restricting the use of magic.
* New York City is divided into the cities of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx and New York City, the later only including Manhattan Island.
* Ares begins construction of the Daedalus Space Station at the L4 Lagrange Point.
* A research group led by Dr. Etienne Dumas of the Université de la Sorbonne in Paris develops the Dumas Test to measure magical abilities in humans and metahumans.
* The Los Angeles Power & Water Company begins the first use of cold fusion, using the fresh water by-produced from salt water to alleviate water shortages.
* The National Football League and professional boxing integrate cybertechnology.
* '''July 28''' Ongoing riots in Berlin explode into civil war lasting for several weeks when the corrupt city government orders the Bundesgrenzschutz to subdue the revolt.


* Need to add French Guyana to the map. Just be careful though as the current downloadable map has the wrong country- it's got Guyana flagged as French Guyana, when it's really two countries over to the right.
This has already been discussed under TalkAmazonia. We had to edit Guyana to French Guiana and it's references. The map is from Wordman's Sixth World site which is fairly old.--UserYoungFreud 2228, 14 Oct 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)
YotC p85. Nepal was a hotspot for naturally occuring Orichalcum when the comet was around.
SotA 2064 p15. Pakistan is a nuclear power with development program is notorious for leaks, mainly from corrupt officials selling to terrorists and policlubs.
SotA 2063 p64. Guangxi and the Canton Confederation involved in large border clashes after China breaks up some time in 2018, leading it to become a major mercenary hotspot.

Guangxi is a major smuggling pipeline into southern China.
Target Wastelands p40. Gobi desert used as a weapons smuggling pipeline into northern China.
Corporate Download p116. Yamatetsu has set up operations in Manchuria.
Was the first province in China to break away from central authority in the early 'teens.

Target Wastelands p46. Natural Orichalcum appeared and disappeared with the passing of the Comet in the Taklimakan desert. The resultant prospecting discovered precious gem deposits.
Corporate Download p10. In 2045 when Wuxing was declared double AA rated, Wuxing refused to recognise them as they didn't want to lose control of several key docks Wuxing ran through extraterritoriality. Wuxing complained to the Corporate Court and pressure was brought to bear that forced a regeime change.

==Updated to SR4==
Primarily using information from ''Shadows of Asia''.
UserJon Szeto 1144, 26 Dec 2005 (EST) == Western China Named RoC? == I wonder about the accuracy of this statement in the time line, "The rump nation is renamed the Republic of China" since the Nationalists have always called whatever part of China they own the Republic of China (currently in the real world this is the island of Taiwan + some other small bits of land) so that would make two countries, both called RoC? Unless Taiwan changed its name at some point? Is there a source for this? Also 'rump' would be pretty confusing to anyone who doesn't think of the geography of China looking like a chicken. Probably should use 'western' instead. UserSerrin 0636, 1 March 2008 (EST)
Dragons p117. Seems that the Chinese Communist Party splintered in 2018.

'''Henan Province'''

Target Awakened Lands p92. Run by a Neo-Communist government. Invaded and occupied the neighbouring Shaanxi province in 2062 then turned round and prepared to invade the neighbouring Shandong province before the intervention of Lung at Tai-Shan stopped them.

Dragons p114. The province is home to the Shaolin Temple- birthplace of Zen Buddhism, the Zhungyue Temple- one of the earliest Taoist temples and the Shonyang Academy.

'''Shaanxi Province'''

Target Awakened Lands p92. Invaded and occupied by the Henan Neo-Communists.

'''Shandong Province'''

Target Awakened Lands p92. Heavily industrialised. Wuxing, Mitsuhama and other corporate interests have operations in the province.


State of the Art 2063 p64. Imperial Kingdom of Beijing mentioned in passing.


State of the Art 2063 p64. The largest hangout and recruiting ground for mercenaries in the Far East. Main industries are the large casinos since they didn't go for attaracting large corporate investment like Hong Kong. The Yakuza and Seoulpa Rings are the big groups in the underworld since the Triads control Hong Kong although they've still got the local Triads. Major smuggling hub- traffic seems to be Chinese and Russian arms being sold to Guangxi and Vietnamese pirates, and heroin and Indochinese magical compounds heading up to Vladivostok.

'''Sichuan Province'''

Dragons p117. Militaristic, magocratic warlord state located in central China. Run by a General Liang who shot to fame defending the territory from Canton Confederacy raiders in 2042, was promptly promoted by the military to a generalcy and took over the place by 2044. Capital is Chengdu and although it has elections, a legislature, judicial system and calls itself a Republic, Liang runs the place with Lung running him. Unless you're magically active you're informally barred from higher position in the local government.
Although there was the mention of the South East Asia War Zone in Fields of Fire, we've had a number of Third Edition mentions of it and the countries there so we might be an idea to include them back on the map.

Threats p13. Alamos 20K operates a front organization called the 'Army of Light'- a human supremacist, apocalyptical cult based out of Vietnam with their fingers also secretly in the local and international drugs trade.

Blood in the Boardroom p71. Says that several corporation from Vietnam and Thailand are members of the Pacific Prosperity Group, suggesting that they're still proper countires and contradicting Fields of Fire.

Cyberpirates p123. Imperial Japan has a lot of control over THailand and Cambodia, but nowhere near as much as with the Philippines. Chon Buri and Sattahip, just south of Krung Thep (Bangkok) sprawl, are major areas for illegal frugs trade.


You know, I enjoyed Wordman's work, but ''Fields of Fire'' was saying the borders had "''virtually'' disappeared", not that the actual countries and governments on each side ot the borders had ''really'' disappeared. Even nowadays, these borders somewhere in the middle of SEA jungle are already quite virtual, with no patrol or custom posts.
--UserNath 0918, 15 Oct 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)
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