* '''January 20''' William Jarman is inaugurated as President of the United States for the third time.
* The Conservationist Party wins the general election in Great Britain. Kenneth Redmond becomes the new Prime Minister of the UK.
* The United Kingdom Constitution Act is passed in Great Britain, formalizing the roles of British Parliament and British Royalty. It establishes the Lord Protector's Offices; Lord Marchment is named the first Lord Protector.
* British police start routinely arming its officers with firearms.
* In Ireland, the "Walsh's hookers" scandal end the career of three government ministers, two businessmen and one bishop.
* The first cybertechnology-modified players enter the National Football League, although the rules officially restrict implants to medical reconstruction need.
* New York Jets quarterback Tim Washington, sporting a cyberarm, throws a Super Bowl-winning 99-yard touchdown pass.
* The Optical Music Networking Interface (OMNI) is invented.
* Building of the Southside monorail in Chicago, UCAS, begins.
* The European Space Agency is privatized, mainly to the profit of Saeder-Krupp.
* The African Rhino is considered extinct in the wild; the only remaining specimens are in captivity.
* UCLA establishes first undergraduate program in occult studies.
** Followed by Texas AMM (Agriculture, Medicine, and Magic) and MITT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy).
* Lone Star Security Services.