* '''April 30''' Without warning, ten percent of the world's population suddenly mutates. The process then occurs in ''in utero'' children. The media calls this transformation "Goblinization."{{src}} pg. 34
** The government of the United Kingdom announces the death of King George VII, who is rumored to have been killed after Goblinizing.
** The government of Quebec extends full rights to all Goblinized francophone citizens.
** The government of the Czech Republic offers its full assistance to all Goblinized citizens.
* '''May 4''' President Joaquim Delmonte of the Dominican Republic announces that his country will accept any Goblinized immigrants after he transforms into an ork.''Ibid.''
* '''May 14''' Switzerland officials declare Goblinization the result of an unidentified disease and orders the quarantine of all affected.''Ibid.''
* '''May 25''' In response to the Allied German States government rounding up orks and trolls, the Mutant Rights Congress is founded in Cologne and its members threaten civil unrest.''Ibid.''
* '''May 28''' The Japanese Imperial State annexes Yomi Island, Philippines and deports its metahuman population there.''Ibid.''
* '''June 9''' Seattle governor Lindstrom orders the Metroplex Guard to round up the Goblinized and place them in the camps that once held Native Americans.''Ibid.''
* '''August 3''' ''Time'' Magazine publishes an article written by McBean describing the effect that Goblinization had on his childhood friend. McBean later expands the content of the article into a novel titled ''Looking for Gonzo'', following the experiences of Jerry "Gonzo" Petersen after becoming a troll.{{src}} pg. 46, {{src}} pgs. 34-35
* '''August 23''' Texas governor Melissa Santiago-Ortega strong-arms the Welfare Board into giving funds to provide adequate shelter and sanitary facilities for the state's metahuman detention centers.{{src}} pg. 34