* '''March 17''' China provinces rebel against Communist rule. The civil war results in yet another fractured nation Manchuria, Xinjiang, Guangxi, and the Canton Confederation are created.
* '''April 25''' The United States of America, Canada, Aztlan, and the Native American Nations ratify the Treaty of Denver. Most of western North America is ceded to the NAN. Daniel Howling Coyote becomes head of the Sovereign Tribal Council. Denver is divided into districts under the jurisdiction of the United States, Aztlan, and the NAN member states.
* '''July 12'''  Dr. Hosato Hikita of ESP Systems, Chicago demonstrates the first generation of ASIST.
* '''July 24''' The spaceplane ''America'' disintegrates in orbit and crashes in Longreach, Australia, killing 200.
* '''November 9''' Fuchi Industrial Electronics completes its Seattle Industrial Compound.