* '''February 2''' Four tech companies merge to form Transys Neuronet.
* '''April 13''' An earthquake hits the Taihei Mountains, destroying China's nuclear stockpile. (sr20.26)
* '''May 9''' The Harris-3M corporation launches the first private space station, Halo.
* '''August 17, 1032 a.m.''' Daniel Howling Coyote initiates the Great Ghost Dance. Mount Hood, Mount Ranier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams erupt. Weather patterns drastically change, frustrating US attempts to locate or capture Howling Coyote.
* '''August 22''' King Kamehameha IV declares the independence of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi.
* '''September 25''' British Imperial Chemicals Industries and two Swiss pharmaceutical firms merge to form Zeta-ImpChem.
* '''October 18''' The Majestic Peacock Association's headquarters in Hong Kong burns down, ending a Triad gang war.
* The Wuxing headquarters is built in the Aberdeen quarter of Hong Kong.