* '''January 1''' Naga appear near Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Cambodian peasants begin to worship them as rulers of rivers and rain.
* '''April 2''' The Inter-Corporate Council fails to stop the violence between Keruba International and Aztechnology.
* '''May 23''' The IRA attacks Aldershot, the home of the British Army.
* '''June 15''' The Combat Biker is founded in Baton Rouge, CAS.
* '''August 12''' Xinjiang province secedes from China and names itself Uighurstan.
* '''September 13''' In Vatican City, Pope John Paul IV dies in his sleep. He is replaced by a moderate Brazilian cardinal who takes the name John XXV. Despite this change in power, several Irish Catholic bishops who had refused to accept John Paul IV's denouncement of metahumans break from the Catholic Church and instead go to the Church of Ireland, a small splinter church. (''Tír na nÓg'')
* '''November''' The wall around the Saar-Lorraine-Luxembourg Special Administrative Zone is finished.
* The Trojan-Satsop nuclear power plant in Redmond, Washington, USA suffers a partial meltdown, releasing radioactive contamination into Beaver Lake and the surrounding areas.{{src}} pg. 65, {{src}} pg. 114