* The Harris-3M space station ''Wheelchair'' (formerly the Russian ''Mir'') is struck by a meteoroid and suffers catastrophic decompression. NASA's ''Freedom'' remains the only manned space station in Earth orbit.{{src}} pg. 18
* '''March 4''' The Aztechnology announces the discovery of molybdenum deposits off the coast of Panama. The corporation had acquired a monopoly on molybdenum exploitation, extraction, and processing prior to the announcement.
* '''June''' Several Central American countries withdraw from international copyright treaties. The Aztechnology positions itself at the head of the emerging technopiracy industry.
* '''August 23''' The Germany coalition government collapses as the strain of the ongoing series of ecological disasters take their toll. The government weakness translates to ongoing social instability and violence in the streets.
* '''November 4th''' Jesse Garrety is elected as the 45th President of the United States. William Jarman is his Vice-President.
* Aurélie de Paladines, future president of the French Republic, is born in France.