* Newly privatized North Korean corporations merge to form Kwonsham Industries to avoid a buyout by South Korean or international megacorps.{{src}} pg. 76
* '''Spring''' Ghana and the Ivory Coast begin the process of withdrawing from the United Nations.{{src}} pg. 16
* '''August 14''' The MedellĂ­n, David, and Masaya drug cartels buy out a major resource development company in Villahermosa, Mexico and name it Aztechnology after the heads of the cartels Juan Ortega, Julio Ramos, and Diego Oriz.{{src}} pg. 52
* '''November 2''' The United States Supreme Court declines a review of the federal government's decision to disband the municipal government of Washington, D.C. President Philip Bester's approval ratings begin to decline.''Ibid.'' 2
* William and Harry, the two Princes of the royal Windsor family of the United Kingdom, die in an airplane crash.