Shiawase Corporation

Shiawase Corporation, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is the third largest corporation in the world and the largest Japanese corporation.

It is generally considered the first megacorporation, defined by the Shiawase Decision in 2001. It was founded by the Shiawase family in post-WWII Japan, and to the current day, it remains a family-owned corporation. In 2060, Korin Yamana married Mitsuko Shiawse and Shiawase purchased the remains of Fuchi Industrial Electronics. Japan's Emperor Yasuhito married Shiawase Hitomi, an otaku, in 2064. The machinations of the members of the Shiawase family led to a dramatic shift of power after the Matrix Crash 2.0.

Corporate Hierarchy of Shiawase

Unlike other corporations, Shiawase's management structure places executives in charge of divisions organized by function rather than regions.

The three primary divisions are Shiawase Atomics, Shiawase Envirotech, and Shiawase Biotech.


Shiawase Atomics

Head Office: Washington FDC, UCAS Managing Director: Christopher Keratsu Subsidiaries: Shiawase Armaments Shiawase Biotech Head Office: Tokyo, Japan Managing Director: Etsu Powicke

Shiawase Envirotech

Head Office: Osaka, Japan Managing Director: Mamoru Shiawase Subsidiaries: Arboritech CEO: James Elders II Products and Services: Farming, aquaculture, logging, and agricultural research

Kuroyama Minerals

President: Erika Thyssen Products and Services: Mining and processing of raw materials Shiawase Marketing Information and Forecasting Department (MIFD) Headquarters: Osaka, Japan Director: Ichiro Kiyomoto

Other Subsidiaries

A-Technologies Desert Storm Security Fuchi Simsense Studios Hephaestus Technologies CEO: Kim Su Yun Products and Services: Heavy industry, chemical production and research, and manufacturing and industrial services and utilities Imperial Tech Services CEO: San-yo Ohara Products and Services: Service contracts for the Japanese government Resha Corporation Products and Services: Transportation including UCASTrak Shiawase Corporation - California Free State Headquarters: San Francisco Note: Shiawase California is Shiawase Biotech and Shiawase Envirotech's operations in California with a common HQ Shiawase Health and Welfare Vector Matrix Services CEO: Nigel Coltrane Products and Services: Matrix security


Abroritech Vanguard Station is a mobile underwater research laboratory.

Though Shiawase claims no military assets on paper, it possesses corporate warships like the Aohana-class frigates. They have a small corporate unit of panzer riggers named the Shiawase Samurai.