World Headquarters: Boston, 
UCAS President/CEO: Richard Villiers 
Chairman of the Board: Not applicable 
Corporate Status: Private 

Major Shareholders: 
Rkhard Villiers (65%)
Samantha Villiers (7%)
Miles Lanier (3%)
Trons-Lalvio Enterprises (24%)
Darren Villiers (IK)

Major Divisions:
Novatech CalFree
    Headquarters: San Francisco 
    Vice President: Brian Jenkins 
Novatech Carib
    Headquarters: Miami 
    Vice President: Moya Cruz 
Novatech CAS
    Headquarters: Atlanta 
    Vice President: Michael Ruone 
Novatech Europe
    Headquarters: London 
    Vice President: Nigel Winthrop 
Novatech North America 
    Headquarters: Boston 
    Vice President: Lucas Don 
Novatech Seattle
    Headquarters: Seattle 
    Vice President: Sam Villiers 
Novatech South America
    Headquarters: Buenos Aires 
    Vico President: Antonio Ortege

Important Subsidiaries: 
   Aurora Design, Cavalier Arms Limited, Central Industrial, CompuForce, Cyberspace Development Corp., FTl Motrixware, Fuchi Orbital, 
   JRJ International, Matrix Systems, Minutemon Security, Nightingale's, Pacific Rim Computer Consultants, Pioneer Cybernetics, 
   PULSEvrare, Sitveril Investments, Simplex Software, S & S Agricorp, T99, Visionary Design Works, Wolker Aerodesign, Wolfware