Mitsuhama Computer Technologies

Primary Business As its name implies, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies makes its money through various facets of computerization. Though it tends to follow Fuchi's lead in the area of direct neural interfaces, MCT is the pre-eminent designer and marketer of physical interfaces by which computers directly affect the physical world, including robotics, CAD/CAM, and autonomously guided vehicles.

Numerous and varied subsidiaries operate in many other industries, including such areas as entertainment. Corporate Structure Following a structure typical of average corporations, Mitsuhama has a management team distinct from the corp's owners. The major shareholders of MCT do not run the company; instead, they make their fortunes by investing in several large, growing, profitable corporations. For example, the chairman of MCT's board of directors, Samba Oi, sits on the board of six other megacorporations. However, MCT is the only triple-A megacorp on whose board he serves. Major Divisions Mitsuhama divides its operations by region rather than by function. The corp's major divisions include MCT North America, MCT Western Europe, MCT Australasia, and so on. Each of these divisions has subdivisions specialized by function.

Because the executive in charge of a particular division must direct all of that division's various activities, MCT execs can handle transfers between divisions more easily than execs at other corps. Where an executive VP moving from Ares Arms to AresSpace might be completely lost in his new position, an exec VP shifting from MCT Australasia to MCT North America would make the transition much more easily because his responsibilities remain largely the same.

Executives & Big Wigs:

Tamatsu Sakrua
    Senior Executive VP, MCT North America 
Marli Bobinek
    Executive VP, MCT UCAS 
John Chang
    VP, MCT Seattle