Aztechnology, headquartered in Tenochtitlan, Aztlan, is the second largest corporation in the world and the largest corporation in North America. Aztechnology is the number one producer of consumer goods in the world. It is also number one in the Magical Industry. The corporation strongly supports the Aztlaner government, which in turn enacts a number of laws to the advantage of Aztechnology. The corporation is privately owned and does not disclose the names of its shareholders and board members. On the other hand, it heavily uses publicity to support its foods and consumer goods sales.
Other Subsidiaries

 Dassault (Aerospace)
 Embraer (Aerospace)
 Free Transit Cartage
 Genetique (Biotechnology and nanotechnology research)
 Marine Technologies (Aquafarming, some ship building)
 Maritech Enterprises (Undersea mining)
 Natural Vat Technologies (Foodstuff - merely mycroproteine and soy)
 Optical Dreams
 Pemex (Petroleum and resource mining)
 Productos Cultivatos
 Stuffer Shack (Super markets)
 Carréfour (Super markets on the European market)
 Trés Chic Cosmetics
 Trés Chic Clothing